… But why did the yarn go away?

More babbling about the SSMS™ follows. Continue at your own risk.

For those who don’t remember, the way this works, the subscribers to the pattern get updates once a week. With each update, we get a few additional rows, and we get to grow our fabric and it’s all spiffy and neat. We have thus far received three of the five parts. Right.

I’m knitting not one but two of these things. One will go to Jenn when it’s done, and the other one does not yet have a recipient lined up. I’ve restarted one of them at least twice. I’ve completely tossed one out, due to irreconcilable  differences between me and the yarn. All in all, I’m well entrenched in working with this pattern, and am committed to the cause. I’m somewhat addicted to this pattern at this point. I want to keep knitting it. You’d think that, what with having two of these underway, I’d be good, right?

Hah. Foolish mortal. I’m currently caught up on both of these shawls. I have no other knitting projects underway. I do not get a new pattern piece until Tuesday morning. What on earth am I going to do for the next 32 hours? I’m going to consider it a success if I don’t manage to cast on a third instance of this shawl.