Daily Archive: 2013.01.02

PSA: Resolute communication. (A call for recipients.)

As many of you know, I went total hermit for a few years, pretty much falling off of the face of the planet. In this past year, I’ve made something of a comeback. I’ve actually made a couple of trips to visit friends, and have reappeared in the online world. These are good things.

But receiving a few Christmas cards this year made me remember just how much I love to get personal, physical mail. And I thought that there might be some of you out there who enjoy the same sort of thing. So, if you’d like to be added to my list of random snail mail recipients, please respond via private message with your name (it’s entirely possible that you’re using a pseudonym and I honestly either have never known or have completely forgotten your ‘real’ name) and favored mailing address.

I’m going to try to write a letter a week, which means I need more recipients soon, or a few family members and a couple of friends are going to get really sick of me really quickly. 🙂