Daily Archive: 2014.12.12

Well, crap.

About 7″ into the second sleeve, I decided to check the cuff length against the first sleeve. (You know, something I should have done with the while I was knitting it.) Turns out, I knit 10 extra rows on the cuff of the second sleeve. There is much sighing and frogging taking place. Because this is going to help the second-sleeve syndrome.

Parts is parts.

Amusing note from this morning’s trip to the doctor. (more…)

First world problems: knitting edition.

I appear to be suffering from Second Sleeve Syndrome. This is, of course, the older brother to Second Sock Syndrome. (After having finished one sock it becomes difficult to go on and finish the second one to make a pair.) I am working on a sweater, and you start by knitting the sleeves. The first one just seemed to fly by, but man… this second one is taking forever. But I suppose that knitting a sweater with one sleeve would just be silly, right?