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Ask OS X typography geeks: Best font manager?

For a wide variety of reasons, I am starting to have need to be able to bulk install / activate and deactivate / remove fonts from my system. I’d like to be able to do this by project. (I’m working on Project $FOO, I need to make sure the fonts are installed. I’m no longer working on Project $BAR. I should remove the fonts.)

I haven’t used a font manager in 15 years, and I’m sure the field has drastically changed in that time. Any of you have any recommendations?

Lazyweb: Calling all *NIX geeks.

Ok, I know for a fact that my friends list here has a very high percentage of UNIX geeks. It’s you to whom I speak now.

What is your favorite monospace / fixed-width font? If you say Courier New, you will be disqualified from the discussion. (Kidding, kidding. If you say Courier, you will be disqualified.)

The criteria for me are:

  • character differentiation: I should be able to type iI1!lL and be able to tell what I typed (lower case i, upper case I, numeral 1, exclamation point, lower case L, upper case L). Same with oO0 (lower case o, upper case O, zero).
  • reasonably full character set: I’d like to have a few extended characters beyond ASCII, for typesetting purposes. Things like bullets (•) and degrees symbols (°) are nice.
  • font variants, mostly for typesetting, but also for some terminals: bold, italic options.
  • availability: available online, in OTF (by preference) or TTF.
  • price: free is good, cheap is acceptable, expensive is nice to know so I can dream.

What say you?

New Font: FontAwesome

If anyone out there does layout and design and needs some pretty decent iconic imagery to use, I’m passing on an icon I recently found: FontAwesome. It includes 220 icons and vectors. It even has IE7 support. (And, from the developer’s page: If you need it, you have my condolences.)

I thought some of you might find it worth checking out.