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Welcome to my newest digital abode. As you may know, I’ve been doing this sort of thing for a good long while now. This is the fourth home I’ve given my blog since sometime in 1997. Many things have changed throughout the years, but one thing that really hasn’t isn’t my standard disclaimer: You are here because you want to be here. Nobody is forcing you to read this. You are free to leave at any time. I do not promise to entertain. I do not promise to not offend. I don’t even promise to update regularly. But, I will do my best to entertain, and to not offend, and to update regularly. So, whether you’re going to run screaming into the night, or choose to pull up a chair and hang around for the ride, thanks for stopping by.

If you’re looking for more information than that, here’s what you get.

My name is Mary, and I live in Maryland (yeah, yeah, I know), just outside of Washington, DC. Even though I’ve lived in the DC area longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in my life (15 years as of this writing), I still consider Hawaii my home. I’m a military brat, and as such have lived in any number of places, exotic and mundane alike. I’m half Japanese and half American, but don’t assume that I’m your stereotypical quiet submissive Japanese girl. Not only did I miss that memo, I’m pretty sure my mother set fire to it when they tried to give it to her.

I’m a geek, and I enjoy geeking about a wide variety of things. Computers. Astronomy. Knitting. Books. Music. TV shows. Typography. Grammar. Comic books. The internet. Cars. Pandas. Cooking. Animals. Insurance companies. Hello Kitty. Puns. There’s little in life that doesn’t interest me to some extent. There are, however, some topics which you generally will not catch me babbling on and on about. Religion. Politics. My <x> is better than your <y> in general saddens me, and so I avoid it.

Professionally, I’ve worked as  UNIX system administrator (mostly in Internet Service types of things as opposed to desktop system types of things), project manager, technical writer, technical manager, network administrator (setting up leased lines and whatnot; don’t try to get me to fix your Windows domain), webmaster, hostmaster, technical support, desktop publisher, copy machine operator, library aide, panwich cart girl (don’t worry about it), cashier, box assembler, and I’m sure other things I’m forgetting.

I have a long-time partner. He is male. I feel the need to point this out because I used the word partner. However, since we have (again, as of this writing) been together for 9 years and change, people have started giving me grief when I call him my boyfriend. Until someone thinks up a better word, I’m going to use partner, and let the assumptions happen, I guess. We have two cats. They are both crazy, in their own special ways. My partner (most often referred to as ‘G’) is also crazy, as is evidenced by the fact that he has been with me for 9 years and change.

If there’s anything else you want to know, drop me an email. I’m not saying I’ll answer it, but chances are decent. Particularly if you amuse me.




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