recent finds

I spent what some might consider to be a ridiculous amount of time window shopping online. I get a somewhat cumbersome amount of email regarding daily deals, flash sales, and vendor-related or product-related specials. I don’t always get around to reviewing these messages in time to catch the deals, but sometimes I do, and I figured I’d share some of the fruits of my insanity.

My recent finds

  • Free on Ravelry: The latest and greatest in knitting patterns that have gone free on Ravelry.
  • Craftiness: Craft supplies (including knitting patterns, so long as they aren’t free Ravelry downloads).
  • Media: Generally in digital form (who needs all that stuff taking up space?), deals on books, magazines, movies, and music.
  • Software: Almost certainly going to be designed to run on a Mac (OS X) or an iPhone / iPad (iOS). But, I could get radical and include something for an Apple TV (tvOS) or Apple Watch (watchOS). Oh, and UNIX. UNIX is definitely an area of interest.
  • Everything Else: This may get broken out into more categories as I see what types of things I actually share, but for now, it’s kind of a catch-all.

My sources

  • Ravelry: The end-all, be-all of fiber-craft resources. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.