free on ravelry

I have a number of saved searches on Ravelry, and I check back on them every few days. One of my favorites uses the following search parameters:

  • Craft: Knitting. (Sorry, other fiber folks! While I absolutely respect your crafts, and have even dabbled in them a time or two, I choose to focus on knitting.)
  • Has Photo: Yes. (Rather self-explanatory, no?)
  • Availability: Free and Ravelry Download. (Behold the power of the “add to library” button!)
  • Language: English or Japanese. (I’ve mostly learned to read Japanese charts, but will probably exclude them from the patterns I share.)
  • Rating: Unrated or 5 Stars.
  • Weight: Designed for any gauge, Lace, Light Fingering, Fingering, Sport, DK, or Worsted. (I would need a really really strong incentive to knit with something heavier than worsted, so that’s where I max out the search. In truth, I rarely get about fingering weight. I keep sport, dk, and worsted in the search mostly for the purpose of modifying patterns to use fingering.)
  • Sort: Hot right now. (I’ve found this is the best barometer to use to find the newly-free patterns that I really don’t want to miss. I originally had this search sorted by ‘Recently added to Ravelry,” but I found that this was turning up a lot of patterns that weren’t of particular interest to me.)

I certainly don’t “buy” every pattern that comes up in this search, but I definitely find some of them worth adding to my Ravelry library. I figured I would share the ones I find interesting with you all. (Because, you know, I might know one or two people who would find free knitting patterns interesting.)

I don’t have any process in place to go back and check if the patterns listed below are still free, and I make no promises on that subject. Please make sure that each linked pattern is still free (or, if not free, has changed to a price you are willing to pay) before ‘purchasing’ the pattern. (You’d still have to jump through the payment hoops before you actually were out money, but let’s err on the side of caution, shall we?) If you do stumble across a pattern I’ve linked to that is no longer free, please let me know, and I’ll be sure to update its status.

Now, on to the good stuff!

Free on Ravelry

2015.12.284-Way Infinity ScarfBonne Marie BurnsScarfDK440n/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Antler HattincanknitsHatWorsted120 - 200Bottom-Up, Cables, ItR, Pattern (Charted & Written), Ribbed, Seamless, n/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Ashling ShawlVeera VälimäkiShawlLace800 - 1,400Lacen/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28BarleytincanknitsHat (Beanie, Toque)Worsted70 - 170Bottom-Up, ItR, Ribbed, Seamlessn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28Blue in GreenCello KnitsCowlDK1,000 - 1,7002016.01.022015.12.28
2015.12.28Bokeh Shawl MKALKlar SternenShawlFingering650 - 1,300MKALn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28Boneyard ShawlStephen WestShawlDK654Triangle-Shaped, WF, Written Patternn/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Chalice ShawlKimberly PerkinsShawlWorsted500n/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28Cherry Brioche ShawlJenny F.ShawlDK700 - 750Briochen/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28ConversaltionalistPlucky Knitter DesignHatWorsted230Bottom-Up, ItR, One-Piece, Ribbed, Stripesn/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Crazy Cable HatDaniel LamHatDK200 - 300Cablesn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28FlaxtincanknitsSweaterWorsted280 - 1,800ItR, Raglan, Seamless, Top-Downn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28Flax LighttincanknitsSweaterFingering350 - 2,500ItR, Raglan, Seamless, Top-Downn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28HarvesttincanknitsCardiganWorsted250 - 1,900Seamless, Top-Downn/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Hermione's Everyday SocksErica LuederSocksFingering350 - 400Cuff-Down, Heel (Flap), Seamless, Slipped Stitches, Toe (Other), Toe (Wide)n/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Honey CowlAntonia ShanklandCowlDK225 - 450ItR, Seamless, Slipped-Stitchesn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28Inspira CowlgraphicaCowlAnyDepends on yarnItR, Ribbing, Strandedn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28My Favorite Things Infinity ScarfJill McGeeCowlWorstedKitchener, Provisional, Strandedn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28ReynaNoora LaivolaShawlFingering380 - 420Lace, Seamless, Top-Down, Triangle-Shaped, Worked-Flat, Written Patternn/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Rikke HatSarah YoungHatDK225n/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28RyetincanknitsSocksWorsted150 - 350Cuff-Down, Gusset, Heel (Flap), ItR, Kitchener, Pattern (Written), Photo Tutorial, Ribbed, Schematic, Short Rowsn/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Simply Ribbed SockLindsay EnglishSocksFingering380 - 460Cuff-Down, Heel (Flap), ItR, Kitchener, Ribbed, Short Rows, Slipped Stitchesn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28Socked HatKelly McClureHatFingering350 - 400Ribbingn/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28Sunny Slouchy BeretAlla SaenkoHat (Beret)Fingering140 - 265Bottom-Up, Eyelets, ItR, Reversible, Ribbed, Seamlessn/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28That Nice StitchSusan AshcroftCowlLight Fingering219 - 437Kitchener, Provisional, Slipped Stitchesn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28The 2016 Countdown HatMaria ZilakouHatSport120 - 137Ribbing, Seamless, Stranded2016.01.012015.12.28
!2015.12.28The Age of Brass and SteamOrange Flower YarnKerchief / ShawlDK230 - 240Eyelets, Top-Down, Triangle-Shaped, Written-Patternn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28The Dark SideJennyPennyMittensFingering273 - 383Bottom-Up, Colorwork (Stranded), Pattern (Charted & Written)n/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28The Splendens CowlCarolyn LisleCowlFingering328 - 410Bottom-Up, Charted, Colorwork, ItR, Mosaic, Seamless, Slipped-Stitches, Twisted Stitchesn/a2015.12.28
2015.12.28wurmKatharina NoppHat (Beanie, Toque)SportItR, Provisional, Seamlessn/a2015.12.28
!2015.12.28ZickZack ScarfChristy KammScarfFingering831Chevron, Pattern (Charted & Written)n/a2015.12.28