craftvent 2016 update.

TL;DR: 3d small person rotates the mechanism from gears. 3d image. Isolated white background. © AnatolyM
meri has made progress on the Craftvent 2016 Advent knitting calendar she received as a gift earlier this month.

Little boxes. (Not on the hillside. Also, not made of ticky tacky.)

I’ve been working on the Craftvent 2016 Advent calendar that I received as a gift earlier this month. It’s been very difficult to try to be good and not jump ahead and work right through the days as I complete each one. I have, for the most part, succeeded. What I have not managed to do is take pictures of progress each day, because that would require my brain working first thing in the morning (which is when I get most of my knitting done). Also, I appear to have forgotten to take a picture of Day 14’s yarn.

What’s it gots in its… boxeses?

Day 18: Progress has been made!

Moving right along…

I shall continue along and see if I can maybe start making a dent in the number of loose ends.


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