Birthday report

Many many thanks for all the birthday greetings. You all are great. 🙂

I had a wonderful day. As many of you know, I generally spend my birthday hiding inside. This isn’t because I have any particular fear of my birthday. Rather, it’s because of a particular fear of my birthday when combined with my geographic location. It seems like half the eastern seaboard descends upon the DC area for the 4th of July. Tourists on the Beltway, jammed Metro cars, lost people, crazed shoppers. All sorts of things that I like to avoid, so I’ve made it a habit to spend my birthday indoors. But this year, I decided to buck the trend, and ventured out into the world not once, but twice!

I went to a trunk show at The Yarn Spot. There were many many fabulous yarns to look at and pet. The store was packed, which was great to see. Granted, some of the folks may have been lingering a little longer than they might have, as the store had air conditioning and many of the patrons were still lacking in power. However, Victoria (our hostess) welcomed everyone to stay for as long as they liked, for whatever reason. I even won one of the door prize raffles: some lovely pink sock yarn, with Outlast Technology™ (which is supposed to prevent your feet from getting overly warm or cold).

I went home and started winding some of my new yarn (more on this later), and met up with G. After some discussion, we decided to head out to lunch, and to see the new Spiderman movie. (Definitely worth seeing. Garfield is a very different Spiderman from Maguire, and I think I like the new guy’s take on the role better. Also, the things (non-mistakes, at least) meri noticed while watching the movie: Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) carries a Levenger Circa notebook and there’s a copy of Seabiscuit on Gwen’s bookshelf.

Then we came home, and there was knitting. (Of *course* there was knitting.) I decided that I wasn’t a huge fan of one of the yarns that I’m using to knit up SSMS, and happened to get a great deal on a fabulous replacement at the trunk show. I cast on with the new yarn and got a few rows in before G and I decided to call it a night.

All in all, a pretty good day. I had a lot more fun than would have happened if I’d stayed inside. I made it through the day with minimal physical pain. I didn’t suffer at the hands of crazed people in any great way. Though, I still think those of you who head down to the Mall every year on the 4th (you know who you are!) are completely nuts. 🙂

Thanks again!