*tink* *tink*


Tinking is the process of un-knitting (tink = knit backwards). This is something that is done when one has made one (or more) mistakes. Sometimes, you catch your mistake pretty quickly, and you only need to tink a few stitches. Other times, you don’t catch the mistake until you’ve made a decent amount of progress. When that happens, you have a few choices: 1) tink back to the mistake; 2) pull your needles out and carefully rip back your stitches to the mistake, and then re-insert the needles; or, 3) throw your project across the room and find a good stiff drink.

When your project is lace, option #2 is kind of dubious, since there’re all sorts of weird stitches on your needles, and it can be hard to tell what’s supposed to be where when the time comes to reinsert your needles. So, having reached the end of a row and discovered an off-by-one error that started back at the beginning of the row, I’m faced with either tinking the entire row or going in search of booze. Though it’s pretty early in the morning, I’m sorely tempted by option #3. (The project in question is SSMS™ #3. The yarn is rayon, and heavy, and the project is lace. Tinking this row may take over an hour, and it’s slow, tedious work.)

New rule: No knitting prior to my daily cup of coffee. 1

1 I’m allowed one cup of coffee per day, and I’m defaulting to making myself a cup of iced coffee every morning. It’s been a very welcome addition. I’ve missed coffee.