Scotch & Indian V

Greetings from scenic Worcester, Massachusetts!

G and I have made another trip up to The Bay State. This time, amongst other things, we came up to participate in a tradition some friends have started. Every now and again, Shamala and her mother go all out and make a huge Indian feast. To complement this vast array of food, people break out their scotch collections. Much drinking and eating ensues.

Originally, the latest round of this event was supposed to take place in February. However, a little storm named Nemo disrupted plans, and we had to reschedule. The rescheduled event took place last night, and it was fantastic. Overall, I think about 20 people showed up. In addition to the aforementioned delicious Indian food, there were a staggering number of bottles of scotch, more chocolate than many chocolate shops have, and some sinfully good desserts.

Also to be found in abundance at the party were lots of laughter, good friends (some old, some new), and a wicked game of Cards Against Humanity.

We got home way past my bedtime (though I apparently fell asleep on a couch for about 20 minutes, I did not manage to entertain the crowds with ‘sleep walking / talking / eating / drinking meri), and (for some reason) woke up way too early this morning. This might make for a sleepy meri today, but it was totally worth it.

Thanks to Shama, Jer, and Shamamama for putting together the feast; to MegaZone and Nancy for hosting the bash; to Nancy and Amanda for the awesome desserts (my apologies if I’ve forgotten any foodie providers); and most of all to everyone who came out who made the evening so enjoyable.

Today is also shaping up to be reasonably busy, assuming G’s migraine backs off enough to let us have some fun. Then, tomorrow, it’s back to Maryland, where we’ll be figuring out when we can next manage to come up and visit our family away from home.