I’m the sanest person I know.

That was, by the way, written entirely to provoke Huey. Don’t worry about it.

On to the real post. (Warning, this post contains adult language. Kind of.)

Widget has decided that I’m crazy. Not that she is alone in this.

For the past week I’ve been spending many many hours every day trying to fit too many words and too many pictures onto pages that are far too small for the content. (And when you consider the pages are 11×14, that’s saying something.) It’s like playing Tetris, except where the pieces keep changing sizes on you.

I will admit that this has, at times, resulted in some annoyance on my part, and has caused outbursts of Designer’s Tourette Syndrome (a disorder closely related to SysAdmin Tourette Syndrome). Unfortunately, Widget often hangs out near me, and thus has been witness to much of this.

Apparently, this morning was just too much for her. I was facing a particularly irksome set of text and images and rectangles, and I had an epiphany! A solution! It would all fit! But, sadly, I was wrong, by about 0.2″. This caused me to suddenly shout, “FUCKSTOCKINGS!” (If you haven’t read Fool by Christopher Moore, you should.)

Widget, who was asleep under the desk, bolted upright, and stalked out from under my desk. She then turned and very purposefully stared at me until she was sure she had my attention, and then let out a long meow before stomping up the stairs.

It seems that I have pissed off the cat. If you do not hear from me again, be sure to check my body for paw prints.