Ask LazyWeb: Calling all astronomy geeks.

TL;DR: Where can I find the colors of all the stars in various constellations? 

So, I have decided to take part in a knit-along. This is where <n> number of people decide to work on the same project at the same time. (Each making their own instance of the project.) The group of people meet every so often to share progress, gripes, delights, and any other random thing that comes to mind. It’s a fun way to get through tricky projects, or just to have a quick little sense of community put together. This particular knit-along is being hosted by the good folks at Cloverhill Yarn, and we will be working on the awesome Celestarium pattern.

From the designer’s description:

Celestarium is an accurate view of the night sky from the North Pole in the form of a pi shawl. … Eyelets and beads are used to represent the stars. The center bead represents Polaris.

You can see the constellations that will be represented in the shawl here:



Now, the pattern itself calls for 370 silver-lined crystal beads. I’m working on acquiring these from my dear friend Lizzie’s shop, Lush Beads. However, earlier today when I was up at Cloverhill picking out my yarn for the project, a couple of us who will be participating in the knit-along came up with an idea. Instead of using the same silver-lined crystal bead for each of the stars, wouldn’t it be fun to use beads that (at least approximately) match the colors of the particular stars? I foolishly volunteered to do the research on this, and now I’m calling on you all for help.

Where can I find out the colors of each of these stars? This has got to be online somewhere, but my preliminary Googling isn’t turning up the right sort of information.

I appreciate any help that can be provided.


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