Dear LazyWeb: Why does my (i)phone hate me?

It’s true. My phone has definitely developed an attitude since installing iOS 7. However, the greatest trouble I’m having of late is that I am unable to install anything from the App Store. Since this is, you know, the easiest way to get new things onto my phone, I’m kind of displeased.

I go to the App Store, and find something I want to buy. I press the little icon with the price, which then converts to “Buy.” I then press the “Buy” button. In the past, this has usually changed the little button into a swirling circle thing, then after a few seconds, I’ll get a password prompt. Once I enter my password correctly, the swirling circle thing starts to fill in, showing installation progress. At least, that’s how it *used* to work.

Now, I press the “Buy” button, and get the swirling circle thing and… that’s it. No password prompt, no filling circle, nothing. It just sits there, forever. (Or until the screen locks, but it’s in the same state once I unlock the screen.) (Or until I press the home button.)

I’ve done a couple of quick searches, and they mostly lead me to people who can’t type their password. I never even get that far.

This is on an iPhone 4S. Yes, I’ve rebooted the phone. No, I haven’t tried completely wiping it. I was hoping to avoid that.

Any thoughts?