Asking all knitters: Favorite cowl for men?

(Actually, even if you’re not a knitter, but you’re a dude (or someone who prefers unisex / masculine to the feminine) who would like a cowl, your input is appreciated as well.)

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I’ve been on something of a rampage when it comes to knitting cowls for folks. I think I’ve made 5 or 6 to date, and I’m having a ton of fun. However, the pattern that I’ve been using (Robin Ulrich’s Greyhaven Cowl) is decidedly feminine. I would love to have a go-to pattern for cowls for the men in my life. I would prefer that it be worsted weight, and use less than 200 yards of yarn. (Not because I’m a cheapskate, but because I’ve found that it’s the right balance of interest / yarn investment / time for a project that I’m going to repeat multiple times.)

I’m thinking that Melissa Beach’s Tom’s Crossed Cowl might be a good choice, particularly when loosened up a repeat or two, but I’m definitely open to suggestions.



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