I have a new shawl to obsess about, and a project update.

Updating the project list from my last post, the only project I’ve actually completed is the Helix scarf. I’m hoping to finish Celestarium today. (Really, it’s just loose ends. I have no idea why I haven’t finished it yet.) And, I forgot to include the Peter Easy vest that I’m knitting for Shamamama. (That one has both the front and back pieces done. I just need to sew them together, and do the arm holes and neck.)

But I’m still obsessing about the Shipwreck shawl, with it’s 5,000 beads and ocean motif. However, over the past couple of days, many of the denizens of Cloverhill Yarn (myself included) have started obsessing about this Maple Leaf shawl. Isn’t it just gorgeous? Now, if only I knew any Canadians who would wear a shawl… 😉


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