Monthly Archive: November 2014

Ask the HiveMind: Google+ API horror stories?

Have any of y’all ever gone through the process to get a Google+ API key? Any pointers, or is it pretty straightforward? (A girl can hope, right?)

And, what did you do with it? How easy / hard was it to use? How sorts of ritual sacrifices did you have to make?

Basically, I’m looking to hear about any experiences with the whole process, if you’re interested in sharing.


While I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Drupal, I personally don’t find it to be the worst of the wiki / content-management platforms out there. I also know a number of people who are responsible for Drupal installations. Which is why I had to wince (instead of break out laughing) when I saw this today:


(Originally found on, and linking to this Drupal PSA.)

Knitting Update: Two finished objects, and a new work in progress.

I realized that I haven’t provided a knitting update in quite some time, and that you’re all probably dying of curiosity, wondering what I’m up to. Since I don’t want you all to pine away (and since I finally hooked up my phone to my computer to copy some pictures over), I figured I’d get around to making an update.

TL; DR: I finished two pairs of fingerless mitts, have started a lace cardigan, and am a slob.