It’s that time of year again.

Information about Christmas. Man in Santa hat leaning against a large striped (red and yellow) "i" (of the information sign variety).1If my math is correct, this past Saturday morning, we passed the tipping point between “days since last (2015) Christmas” and “days until this coming (2016) Christmas.”

Please don’t kill the messenger.

I’m not actually bringing this up to be cruel and annoying. I make this announcement because many of you are crafty people who give hand-made gifts for the holidays. For me, the mid-point of the year is my semi-official starting line. It’s when I really become aware of the holiday, and start putting serious thought into when I’ll need to start (and complete!) which projects in order to have everything ready in time for the appropriate gift-giving events. (As much as I strive to emulate Jordan in all things, I cannot actually knit a sweater in one night.2)


  1. I meant to post about this on Saturday, but I ended up passing the day being comatose, having a panic attack, and having S and her adorable puppy visit. By the time I remembered, I was already in bed, and then I failed to remember after that.
  2. Though, if I gave up my penchant for using fingering weight yarn for everything, I might be able to tackle that challenge.