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Work in Progress: Brownstone

20150105-wip_brownstoneI have arrived at a new milestone in the knitting of the Brownstone sweater: I have completed the actual body of the sweater. Only a few steps remain:

  • Knit on the shawl collar (that gap in the cleavage (and on down to the belly button) will be filled by the collar, I promise)
  • Seam underarms
  • Weave in loose ends (so many!)
  • Knit toggle loops
  • Attach toggle loops
  • Attach toggles
  • Weave in even more loose ends
  • Steam block

… Ok. There’s more to this than I realized. But! Definite progress has been made, and the end is in sight.

It looks like the sweater is going to be pretty long, particularly given the intended recipient. Luckily, this shouldn’t be a problem, as that style is a favorite of hers.

Jenn is the awesome.

In case anyone wasn’t aware (and I’m not sure how that could possibly be the case, but on the off chance…) Jenn is absolutely awesome. She got me an early Christmas / birthday / lots of other things gift: a Tom Binh Brain Bag. (With the problems with my knees, I need to stop carrying so much weight in shoulder bags, and I had somehow managed to give away all of my backpacks. So, Jenn to the rescue.)

This thing is awesome. I’m packing up for a couple of days away, and have crammed a ton of stuff into it:

  • 15″ MacBook Pro in protective case
  • Clipboard with knitting patterns / agendas
  • Ginormous InDesign book
  • Knitting book
  • iPad
  • Kindle
  • 4 knitting projects
  • Colored pencils / sharpener / erasers
  • Cables and batteries
  • Camera
  • Meds

And there’s probably still room for a couple of changes of clothes, though I’ll probably throw that in another bag, since I don’t quite have the organization-fu down with the new bag yet. And it doesn’t feel heavy on my back, and rides perfectly. I am absolutely delighted.