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My web server is being wooed by a cult.

I was making some changes on a web server that necessitated restarting the process, which I did. As per normal, I went and tailed the logs to make sure everything was coming back up all hunky dory.

Now, you all know me. I accept a wide variety of events as being normal.

This… this was not normal. (more…)

Nifty command line tool of the day.

I’m putting together a web site which needs to have a portfolio of images on it. I want to do the standard thing where you have a thumbnail, and then click for the full sized image. But creating thumbnails is a pain in the ass, so I was looking at ways to do it in bulk, or at least to script it.


OS X UNIX Geeks: Discuss: MacPorts vs Homebrew vs Fink

So, I have shiny new toy to play with, but it’s lacking some of the UNIX bits that make me feel really at home in the terminal. Previously, I’ve always defaulted to Fink when I’ve wanted package management on OS X. However, this time around, I thought I’d ask what the rest of you are doing. Do you, too, use Fink? Or are you more of a MacPorts sort of person? Do any of you out there use Homebrew? What made you choose the system you’re using? Why didn’t you go with one of the others?

Help me, Interweb! The fate of… well, nothing really important, except maybe my curiosity… is at stake. But I have lots of curiosity!