Sale Alert: The Pragmatic Programmer for $2.99

I’m not sure how long this sale will be going on, but I saw it this morning, and thought I’d share. I’ve often seen The Pragmatic Programmer paired with The Mythical Man-Month as must reads for new programmers. It’s normally $50 in print, and $40 on the Kindle, but is currently available for $2.99. Quite the bargain.

Good to know I’m not completely insane…

Thanks to everyone who provided input (<Johnny5>INPUT!</Johnny5>) to my question yesterday about how one pronounces the final word when expanding the TCP/IP-centric initialism ‘TTL’. The results were, as expected, unanimous, and in favor of a short i, as in the first syllable of the word ‘livid’ and not as in the second syllable of the word ‘alive.’

While I knew this, there were a few things that caused me to doubt myself.

  • I’m often incorrect.
  • The author in question, Robert J. Sawyer, is a pretty net-savvy guy.
  • The mispronunciation persisted through all three of the books in the trilogy in question (the WWW: (Wake|Watch|Wonder) series. I would have thought that, after the first book, someone would have waved their arms and corrected the narrators (multiple) as to the proper pronunciation of the word. But, it seems that either didn’t happen, or an executive decision was made to keep on keepin’ on with the standing error.

Anyway, I thank you all for confirming that I’m not completely off my rocker. It’s always good to have some external validation of that.

For the Frank Sinatra fans

If you’re a fan of Old Blue Eyes, you might want to check out this deal from Amazon, wherein you can get 22 of his greatest hits for 99¢. I’m not sure how long the sale will last, so if you’re interested, act quickly!

Despite myself, I am intrigued…

First off, if you own a Kindle (or use the Kindle app on your $DEVICE), you should probably read Pixel of Ink. It’s one of my favorite, “Oooh, cheap or free Kindle books!” lists. Though it still has its share of romance novels (because, really, numbers lean heavily that way), it seems to make an effort to include other genres that are often overlooked by some of the other bargain listing sites.

Like, this book, for instance:

The first volume in The Oz Chronicles recalls both Stephen King’s The Stand and L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz.

For free, it might be worth picking up, based upon that description alone.