Daily Archive: 2012.06.24

Polling Paper Planner People

I’m designing a new paper planner (think DayRunner, DayTimer, Franklin Covey, GTD, etc). Yes, there are still lots of people out there who use them, so if all you wanna do is mock, please move along. If you use a paper planner, or have opinions about them (other than the mocking thing), please read on!

I’m pretty well set on my new layout (2 page spread per day, including notes, agenda, to-do list). This means that each month will always have a blank “front cover” and a blank “back cover.” Historically, I have used a monthly calendar for the front cover, except the new layout removes the need for this. What would you like as the cover page for the start of each month? A simple “Month Year” cover page? Monthly goals? Expense tracking? Special dates? Something else?

Also, the “back cover” of my months tends to be “future planning” for the following two months. Any other ideas?

Thanks for helping me brainstorm!

If you use a paper planner and are not happy with the one you use, we should talk. I have a few subscribers to my monthly planners, and they’re pretty happy! 🙂