Monthly Archive: September 2012

Yesterday was a decent day.

Yesterday included:

  • geeking and knitting in the morning
  • plotting a couple of knitting projects with G’s mom
  • shopping (successfully!) for yarn for said projects with G’s mom
  • napping with a Border Collie
  • snuggling with G and the cats

A pretty good day, really.

It just figures…

I have decided that I really hate making lace-weight i-Cord.

It’s a shame that this project I really really want to work on requires about 96″ inches of it, total.

A clear sign that you might be meri…

If you can have the following conversation with your SO, you just might be a meri:

[meri] I’m going downstairs to wind yarn.

[G] Ok! Have fun. Don’t hurt yourself.

[meri] … (Thinking this is in reference to the painful knees.) It’s mostly a sitting operation.

[G] Don’t hurt yourself.


Achievement unlocked: Car (mostly) cleaned out.

While it may not sound like a big deal to clean out one’s car, this was a special case.

Back when I parted ways with Noblis (in February, mind you), my poor officemate Brian was stuck with the job of packing up my side of the office. I finally went and picked up all the boxes and other stuff he’d packed only when he was about to get another officemate. I’ve been driving around with this stuff in my car ever since. So, yeah, for like 7 months or so.

With much help from G, the boxes and other stuff has been sorted into keep / toss, the toss dealt with accordingly, and the keep brought inside. There’s a little bit of cleanup left to do in the car, but it’s minor compared to having the entire back of a RAV-4 filled with stuff.

Also, now that that’s taken care of, I can take advantage of the super-duper interior detailing GroupOn that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. This will be fabulous, as my car hasn’t had a good cleaning in a couple of years, and there’s a lot of dust and former-smoker-grime in the vehicle that I would like to have go away. And this way, my car will be all spiffy and clean before Liv, Carel, Ivo, Tara, and half the world show up for MAAWG next month.

Many many thanks to G, without whom this would have been impossible.

Having a knitting stupid day.

I’m attempting to knit a pattern (more on the whole block-atorium in a second), and I am completely unable to wrap my head around a key transition in the pattern. I admit that I’m test-knitting an as-yet-unpublished pattern, but I’m confident that the designer is quite talented, and she’s tried to help me through the transition in three different ways. It seems that I’m just not meant to knit this pattern.

In the past, there have been patterns that I’ve consistently screwed up on while trying to work it, but this is the first one I’ve encountered that I just couldn’t manage to knit at all, and it’s bumming me out.

About that whole, “I’m not supposed to be knitting because I’m supposed to be blocking” thing, well. Blocking requires standing and kneeling, neither of which have really been possible for the last couple of days, thanks to my latest malady: my knees are doing their best to not work. I never really realized how much one uses one’s knees, until every movement started to hurt.

This is not a resolution. It’s merely a really good idea.

I should make this be a firm statement, but I’m not that brave. So instead, I’ll put this out there, just so everyone knows what I should be doing next week.

Starting Monday morning, I would like to entertain the idea that there will be no knitting until there is blocking. It almost hurts just to say that. But, it needs to be done. I have at least three scarves, a shawl, and a toddler’s sweater that are all complete sans blocking. If I do it right, I can try to block something every day, and be done by the end of the week.

[ Amendment: If I block something and am waiting for it to dry, I am allowed to knit until such time that the item is deemed dry. ]

*deep breaths* I can do this.

Introducing the world of craft’s latest grunge band.

Another sock is on the needles. This one is being made for Shamala, and is being knit in Mountain Colors Crazyfoot, in the Mountain Tango colorway. (more…)

Time keeps on slipping, etc.

I design planners for people. (Think Franklin-Covey, DayPlanner, etc. Except customized to your needs, and the information you want / need to capture, and the way you actually use your planner.) As the end of September is approaching (which had to be pointed out to me, but which I eventually accepted, with minimal kicking and screaming), I fired up InDesign to work on Q4 planner pages.

One of my common designs has a “future planning” section on the last page of each month, with sections blocked out for each of the three following months. So, as I finished working on October, I had to type in January 2013 for the first time, and that’s when it actually hit me that 2012 is more gone than not. Where the hell has this year gone?

This is me, shaking my fist…

A while back, Amazon had all the Harry Potter movies on sale for 3.99 each (streaming delivery). That is to say, all the Harry Potter movies except Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. For some reason, that wasn’t part of the sale. Strange, but whatever. I picked up the rest of them, and had them all lurking on the TiVo until I finished reading all the books. Having done that a while ago, I finally got around to working my way through the movies. Well, I have just finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and so now I’m ready for the elusive HP7.1.

Except I can’t find it to rent anywhere. Not on Amazon, or Netflix (streaming), or RedBox, or iTunes. It seems I am required to acquire physical media in order to continue my visual journey. As someone who has actively been working not to add more items to the house, this annoys me.

Does anyone know what the deal is with this particular movie, and why it can’t be had via rental, when part 2 doesn’t seem to be a problem? The only thing that springs to mind is some piece of music got slipped in that wasn’t supposed to, and there’s now a kerfluffle about copyright and use rights.

Favorite Facebook thread ever…

Yesterday, I stole a game from my friend Lee, and posted it to my own Facebook wall, hoping it might get a few responses. We’re now at over 70 responses, and they’re still coming in.

The rules are simple:

Take a movie title, and change something about it: remove a letter, add a letter, change a letter–whatever. Then tell us what the new movie is about.

You can see what’s been suggested so far via the link above, though you’ll probably have to be my Facebook friend in order to see the thread. You should totally join us, either on Facebook, or my blog, or LiveJournal. It’s fun!