Monthly Archive: October 2012

But it pours.


I have somehow managed to go from a state where I have almost nothing to do to a state where I’m feeling a wee bit overwhelmed.

To help matters, we appear to have a hurricane bearing down on us. And I’ve borrowed Turtle and Drama (two of my favoritest dogs on Earth) for a week or so, so I get to figure out walking dogs in a storm.

Oh, and G and I both get migraines induced by shifts in the barometric pressure. Something I’m sure won’t be happening at all over the next few days.

All in all, a great big don’t wanna.

PSA: Important Knitting Rule.

If you are the sort to have an occasional drink, it is a good idea to keep around a knitting project that you can safely work on after having a drink or two. There is, in fact, a whole book dedicated to this idea. (The book rates knitting patterns based upon how many drinks you can have and still safely work on the project.)

Having had a drink, I think I shall put away the Terribly Intricate Project for the evening, and pull out a nearly-fool-proof project.

Returning to my roots.

I’ve spent some time over the last couple of days wrangling with Dreamweaver. I started to write up what Dreamweaver is, and what its alternatives are, and why those pieces of information are pertinent to the story. But then I realized that, if I have to explain these things, you’re not really going to get the story, which is ok. Not everybody has to get every story. Instead, the story shall stand on its own.


Calling all vim geeks.

If you don’t know what vim is, don’t worry about it, you probably don’t need to. Also, you’re pretty safe in skipping this post, or any other post with this subject.

Still here? Righto.

Assuming you use color syntax highlighting (and if you don’t, you can stop reading, too), what is your must-have vim color scheme? Do you have different favorites for :set bg=dark vs :set bg=light?

Back to the Googles.

It’s what’s for breakfast!

Li hing cherry and a Coke, that is.

I have no earthly idea why I’m up this early, but I figured I might as well stop trying to fall back asleep and actually get up. So here I sit, yawning and typing at you. Not that you’re not fascinating. It’s just, 4:30 AM, you know.

Today’s plan: Mad progress on at least 2 projects I’m working on. I’m hoping to get a little bit ahead of the game for the week so that I go out and play tomorrow night. Kinda nervous. Kinda excited. Then kinda nervous again. 🙂

Anything fun happening in your neck of the woods? Do I need to send you li hing cherries and a Coke? 🙂

Monday, Monday

It’s been a productive morning thus far. Knitting (of course), and YAMA. Then G and I finished divesting my car of all traces of anything that it didn’t originally come with. This is to prepare the vehicle for detailing, which will take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. In order to keep myself from going completely bonkers whilst waiting, I have wound more yarn for a couple of projects, and have some papers printed for layout project I’m working on. I’m also charging my iPad and Kindle and phone. I’m a hard chick to bore, if I have a little advanced warning. 🙂

How are y’all spending your Monday?

Today, and today, and today.

Wow. Slept in this morning. I blame the bizarrely dark morning. And then the 15 minutes spent searching for my phone (which, of course, ended up bring right in front of me).

My agenda for today has much of the usual (knitting, layout, staring at words on a glowing screen), but also some fun. I’ll be having brunch with one of my favoritest people in the world, who I haven’t seen for many years, plus a few other fantastic people.

There are worse ways to spend a Sunday.

Calling my drawing-enabled friends.

Hey there. Anyone looking for a very small amount of side work? I need a logo for While I’m a fair hand at layout and design, and absolutely useless when it comes to the actual making of the images. If you’re interested, we should talk.

Clearly, another banner day is on the books.

I woke up this morning with my knees so stiff and painful that it required me to take the steps one at a time, and with a throbbing toothache.

I’m supposed to be meeting friends in Fairfax at 10, but I’m not sure that I’m able to do the 70 mile round-trip.


Cables, cables, everywhere.

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know I’m working on a project whose nickname I keep waffling on, but it’s essentially something along the lines of Most Intricate Little Project Ever™. I don’t think I’m giving away too much to say that I’m working on knitting a dress, size 2T (that’s toddler size 2, for those not in the know). So, itty bitty dress, for a little person. Which is to say, small in circumference, ya know? So I don’t think that I’m overly insane for thinking that 20 cables in a single row are a wee bit much.

If anyone sees my sanity, please let it know that I’m on the lookout for it, k?