Daily Archive: 2014.01.26

Oh hey. It’s 2014.

I’m slow, but I do eventually catch on.

Since it’s a new(ish) year and all, it’s time to renew my crafty pay-it-forward thingie. It’s pretty simple. If, at some point in the next year, you’d like to receive something that I’ve made, respond here. The first five people to respond, win. (Or, well, at least receive something that I’ve made.)

Please note that this will most likely be a knitted something, though I’d probably try to come up with something else for those of you in Florida and Hawaii. 😉 But, I do have other crafty skills, and it might be a custom planner, or a photo album, or a calendar, or something similar.

Last year, nobody took me up on this, which is ok. I certainly give away plenty of hand-made goodness throughout the year without the help of this meme. But, if anyone is looking for something fun, please feel free to reply.

[The original meme I saw required that anyone who replied then turn around and post it on their blog / wall / timeline. I think it’s silly to impose that sort of unenforceable requirement. But, if you feel like playing along, the more the merrier.]