Daily Archive: 2014.05.08

Locals Only: Requesting Assistance with Cleaning

TL; DR: meri is asking for warm bodies to carry things outside.

If any of you happen to be available this Saturday (or potentially Sunday) to help G and I make the final push on this whole “decluttering of the house” thing, we would both be eternally grateful for your assistance. Mostly, what we’re looking for is people who are willing and able to pick up stuff that we point at and take it (often up stairs or down stairs) outside to a waiting truck and/or pile. We will do all of the actual sorting, it’s just help getting things from various points in the house to the actual outdoors with which we need help.

In exchange for your kind assistance, we offer beer / soft drinks / coffee / tea / water, and pizza. And, a good chance that you might find some stuff that you want in the stuff we’re getting rid of. Also, this will likely be the last “social” thing that G and I do before we take Mr. Soule’s advice and head west.

If any of you are interested (or not interested, but inclined to help), please send me a message, and I’ll send you our address and contact info.

Many thanks!


CAVEAT: If you have cat or dust allergies, you should probably sit this one out. 4 cats. Lots of dust.