Moderation in all things.

The next knit-along at Cloverhill doesn’t start until February 1st. This means that I have just under a month to work on other knitting. Despite the fact that I have some lovely Alpaca Lace in meri colors staring at me (really, it’s on my desk; I should get it some googly eyes), I am going to try to hold off on starting any new projects. Instead, I will work on wrapping up old projects. Really, there are just three: the Peter Easy vest for Shamamama, Missy’s cowl, and my Clara cardigan (which I really wish I had finished today, because it’s 63°F in my office).

Of course, all bets are off once the yarn for Shipwreck shows up. But really, I’d like to finish at least the vest and the cowl before I dive into any new knitting.

We’ll see how this goes. I’m currently fighting a, “Must start ALL THE PROJECTS!” urge, so I may not get far. But a girl can hope.


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