Ask LazyWeb (Seattle Edition): Hair salon that does strange requests?

TL; DR: I’m looking for a hair salon in the Seattle area that will let me bring in my own hair dye.

As some of you may recall, I am highly allergic to some forms of hair dye. While the pufferfish impression is impressive, it’s not all that comfortable, nor was I big fan of the hives that I had for months after the whole debacle. I have, however, found a dye that 1) works, and 2) does not make me want to tear all of my skin off. Win!

Unfortunately, the process requires bleach, and then the dye itself is crazy messy, and, well, I’m lazy. I’d rather pay someone to do a good job of bleaching and dyeing my hair, all while not making my bathroom look like a crime scene. So, I’m seeking a salon that will dye my hair and allow me to bring in my own dye. 

Since I doubt any of you have searched out this particular trait in a salon before, I’m mostly asking if you know of any salons that might be open to such a request.



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