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PSA: All ORA eBooks & Video Training 50% through 2014.09.09

This will probably be of interest to many of you:

As the cute little critter below says, there’s a sale going on in O’Reilly land, so if there’s an eBook that you’ve been putting off getting (like maybe that organization book that I posted about a few days ago), now might be the time. Be sure to use discount code B2S4 at checkout, though clicking on the image should do that automatically. (Note: This discount does not apply to printed materials or print + eBook bundles.)


So tell me, what are you going to buy? (No. Really. I wanna know.)

PSA: Your own personal Apple support profile.

Apple_logo_largeIn case you weren’t aware of it, Apple maintains a dashboard for you, tracking all of the devices you have associated with your Apple ID, and providing you with information about them.

For instance, for ともだち (tomodachi), my trusty 13″ MacBook Pro, I can see my model number (13-inch Late 2011) and serial number right from the front page. By clicking through, I can also my built-in warranty and Apple Care coverage details, with links to contact Apple support. This is also true of repair coverage, and the ability to set up a repair online. There are even tabs to show me any service or repair cases the product has had. And finally, there’s a tab with a list of FAQs that pertain to the machine in question.

I was kind of surprised to find my very first (5G!) iPod on there. Since I no longer have this device, I took the opportunity to disassociate it from my account. (Oh yeah, the site lets you associate and disassociate items from your Apple ID.)

It’s not a ground-breaking site, but I know a bunch of you have Apple devices (ranging from those of you with an iPhone, to those have consumed the entire flavor spectrum of Cupertino Kool-Aid), so I thought you might find it useful.


Ask the HiveMind: What should I add to my RSS feed?

Having realized that I’ve had the same things in my RSS feed for, oh, 5 or 6 years now, and that I really no longer care about a bunch of it, I’ve largely declared RSS bankruptcy. I pruned the hell out of my feeds, and now I’m no longer thousands of posts behind.

But, I do miss having content that I’m actually interested in. So, tell me, dear friends: What RSS feeds should I be following, and why? Do you have a standalone blog? I’d love to read it! Tell me about it! Favorite comics? (I already have xkcd, natch.) Geek news? Cute things? You get the idea. beta coins available.

If anyone is interested in trying out the OS X version of, I have three beta coins available. I will need your email address to share it with you.

I’ve tried using this software for all of about 90 seconds, so I am in no way endorsing it, and will not be held responsible if it eats your mailbox, corrupts your cat, or raids your fridge. You have been warned.

Ask the HiveMind: What (books) should I be listening to?

Thanks to a backlog of reading, less time in the car, a credit sale, and returning three audiobooks (don’t ask), I find myself with 8 credits at, and a complete lack of inspiration as to how to use them.


Calling all knitters! Lace-weight pattern?

I’m on something of a self-imposed time-crunch here (I’m going to be leaving in a couple of hours to be from my house for a couple of days, and want to get whatever comes of this printed before I leave), and I have a query for you.  (more…)

Ask LazyWeb: Modern-day IRC replacement?

So, there was a time, where if I wanted several someones to get together to chat, I’d find an IRC
server and start a channel, and that would be that. Of course, at that time, pretty much everyone I knew was a reasonably hard-core geek (or was friends with one), and had a shell account.  (more…)

PSA: The meri is full of rantiness today.

Should you be one of the poor fools I interact with today, please do be careful.

TL;DR: grumpy meri is grumpy (more…)

Hurricane memories.

I told a friend that I had a Hurricane Iniki story that was too long to type in over the phone, and that I would type it in once I was at a real computer. As I find myself at a computer…

TL; DR: meri almost missed a hurricane by not coming out of her apartment. It’s not a very good story, but it amuses me, for some reason.


You’ve got mail!

Today, I set up for the first time in, well, forever. (I’ve been living the webmail life for quite a while. But circumstances, blah blah blah.)


You've Got Mail

2.4 MILLION messages?

I think something has gone horribly awry.