Calling all knitters! Lace-weight pattern?

I’m on something of a self-imposed time-crunch here (I’m going to be leaving in a couple of hours to be from my house for a couple of days, and want to get whatever comes of this printed before I leave), and I have a query for you. 

Given the following:

  • You have 925 yards of lace-weight yarn.
  • Your preferred needle range for this weight yarn is between a US3 (preferred, since I happen to have a spare kicking around right on my desk) and a US5 (anything bigger makes you feel like you might as well be arm knitting).
  • You do not do provisional cast-ons for shawls, as they make you twitch, and you never pick things back up correctly.
  • No bobbles.
  • You do not have enough random beads on hand to be able to incorporate beads into the project.

The question is: What do you knit? 

Tell me!

(In the interest of full disclosure, here are my current leading contenders: Tiong Bahru, Begonia SwirlMorrígan, Blooming Shawl, Leaf Evolution Shawl, Lace Lace Shawl, Ryanne, and Twig and Leaf. Even any help narrowing down these options would be a great help!


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