Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sushi @ Fugakyu (Sudbury, MA) with meri

If you live in Massachusetts (or the surrounding states, really), you’ve probably already seen this, either on Facebook or Google Plus. But, just in case I’ve somehow managed to miss you, here it is, one more time:

  • Who: You! (And, you know, whoever you decide to bring.)
  • What: Sushi with meri (and friends)
  • Where: Fugakyu (Sudbury, MA)
  • When: Saturday, 2014.10.25, 19:00
  • Why: Because I’ll actually be in Massachusetts, and would love to see you!


Ask the (yarn) hive mind: I need a pony.

Ok, no, I don’t really need a pony. However, it might be easier to find a pony than the yarn I’m looking for. Since I’ve looked at hundreds of pages of yarn at this point, and come up with only a few candidates (none of while I’m particularly excited about), I turn to my friends, the fiber geniuses.

This starts, as many fiber quests start, with a project I wish to knit for a friend. Said friend is allergic to most animal fibers, leaving me with plant-based and/or man-made fibers. The project I am looking to knit calls for fingering weight yarn. And we would like a rainbow colorway. Got that?  (more…)

(Almost) Finished project.

This morning, I was able to bind off the Lapidarius scarf that I’ve been working on for Jenn. (more…)

PSA: Beware Audible mobile app version 2.2 on iOS!

20140918-audibleIf you use an iPhone, you probably found that you had an unusually large number of app updates available to you yesterday. This is because a new version of Apple’s iOS was released, and developers released new iOS 8-compatible versions of their apps.


Ask the Hive Mind: priceline and/or hotwire thoughts?

20140917-rentalcarHave any of you ever used or or similar services to book travel (specifically, a rental car)? What was your experience like? Would you do it again? Would you only recommend it to your worst enemy?

I’m attempting to book a rental car for Boston in October, and prices have nearly doubled since the last time I looked about a month ago. The prices are to the point where the whole ‘getting a car thing’ isn’t really feasible, except for the small detail that not having a car isn’t really going to work.

Both priceline and hotwire show some decent-ish deals, from presumably reputable sources. I’m just wary, as I’ve never used either service.


PSA: Don’t update to iCloud Drive just yet.

For those of you who sync your iOS devices, this article has a warning:

If you’re upgrading to iOS 8 on Wednesday, you must resist the urge to upgrade to iCloud Drive if you want to continue to sync your phone to your Mac. Why? Well, iCloud Drive only works with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. And you all know which OS we’re still waiting on.

Until Yosemite drops, upgrading to iCloud Drive will keep you from syncing devices running iOS 8 and devices running OS X Mavericks. Good news: After you install iOS 8, Apple will ask you if you want to upgrade to iCloud Drive. Tap the button that says “Not Now.” Easy enough, right?

It goes on to use the phrase “file syncing nightmare.” Because that’s what we all need, right?

Has anyone tried Google Keep?

20140912-google_keepThe subject really says it all. Google, with it’s ever-expanding list of services, launched Google Keep in March of 2013. As often happens, they rolled it out the door with little (if any) fanfare, and I’d never heard of it until today. I’m wondering if any of you have tried it, and what you think of it.

That’s no pillow…

(To completely steal George Takei‘s subject on the matter.)crocheted-death-star-pillow-1

Since this has been making the rounds, and I’ve already had two requests to make it, I thought I’d post the pattern here for anyone who wants it. It’s crochet, not knitted, and my crochet-fu is kinda weak (despite the best efforts of Fresh Stitches). I made a pretty awesome pig out of crochet a few years ago, but I swear I can’t remember a bit of it.

Anyway, if your crochet-fu (or a friend’s) is up to the task, you can find the pattern for this little bit of awesomeness here.

How long is a scarf?

I’ve been working on the Lapidarius scarf for Jenn for about three weeks now.  (more…)