Ask the (yarn) hive mind: I need a pony.

Ok, no, I don’t really need a pony. However, it might be easier to find a pony than the yarn I’m looking for. Since I’ve looked at hundreds of pages of yarn at this point, and come up with only a few candidates (none of while I’m particularly excited about), I turn to my friends, the fiber geniuses.

This starts, as many fiber quests start, with a project I wish to knit for a friend. Said friend is allergic to most animal fibers, leaving me with plant-based and/or man-made fibers. The project I am looking to knit calls for fingering weight yarn. And we would like a rainbow colorway. Got that? 

In a more easily-digested bullet form:

  • Fingering weight
  • No animal fibers
  • The project is for fingerless gloves, so cotton and other water-absorbing fibers are right out. Also, 100% silk or 100% bamboo are probably too drapey for the project, no?
  • Rainbow colorway

This doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to find yarn that meets my needs, but holy hell. After a couple of days of looking, all I’ve come up with are the following:

I suppose switching weights to worsted is also an option, which provides a few more yarn choices, but then I’d need to find a new favorite fingerless mitts pattern.

Ideas? Anyone? Help?