Work in Progress: Brownstone

20150101-brookstoneAs mentioned in my last post, I’ve made sufficient progress on my Brownstone sweater that I’ve reached the end of the first 10 skeins of yarn purchased for the project. (I also ran into a problem that involved unknitting and reknitting 10 rows or so, but I’m now back at the ‘ready to start the next bag of yarn’ state.) This seemed like a reasonable time to provide a new status photo, complete with Smaug for scale.

The sleeves (knit first) have been joined to the body. There are, however, no shoulders yet. Those will be coming up very soon, after a few more rounds of stockinette. (I do find it somewhat distressing that, at this late point in the game, I’m still only on page 7 of 12 the pattern.)

This won’t be my first finished project of 2015, though. The Flore should be finished up this weekend. (Pictures once it’s complete.)