Grab Bag: Circadian what? Can’t sleep. Casting on. Introducing Legend.

While G was away, I discovered something somewhat perturbing: any concept I have of a regular schedule is driven almost exclusively by two things: G’s schedule, and Sprocket demanding to be fed at some point between 4:30 and 6:00 AM. As such, I’ve spent the last 10 days pretty much sleeping whenever I got tired, and waking up (generally) whenever my body could no longer handle being flat. Sadly, this little experiment did not produce any interesting results. The aches and pains are still going strong, I still managed to catch a cold, and I didn’t even manage to feel rested.

All this is to say that I went to sleep around 8 this evening, and was awake again by 11. I got out of bed around midnight, and have been up and crafting since then. This is, undoubtedly, going to bite me in the ass tomorrow. However, since the pain in my body gets worse the longer I’m lying down, it seems best to reserve that position for times I can actually sleep. So, I’m up until I feel like I can fall asleep again.

As mentioned, I had a cold recently. Predictably enough, I spent this time (when I wasn’t asleep) knitting. I managed to finish up a couple of projects (pictures coming soon). This leaves me with my travel project, which I try to not knit on when not actually needing to knit out of my purse. Which means I needed to cast on a new project for my insomnia-driven knitting. [Aside: I could, of course, have picked up any of the projects that have been put on time out, but they’re all there for a reason, and trying to figure that sort of thing out at 1AM is not the road to sanity.]

As luck would have it, I had all the yarn from the completed Flore hat right next to my seat on the couch, and could still find the needles. The mother of the recipient of the original hat and I had decided that I would make her a matching hat, swapping around a couple of the colors, and making a few simple modifications to the pattern.

20150127-0126-insomniaI spent some time marking up my pattern, so I could be sure to make the necessary modifications, and have cast on. As you can see, I haven’t necessarily completed much yet, but those first steps are always fun (unless they’re absolutely infuriating, but luckily, this isn’t one of those projects). So much so that I figured it was time to provide yet another work-in-progress photo.

I’ll admit that this is, at least in part, to introduce Legend, the latest addition to my desktop dragon family. While (unlike Smaug and Toothless) he’s not a Funko product, he’s pretty spiffy, and very chill. (I know this, because he has not once freaked out when Sprocket has swiped him off of my desk.)

I’m starting to feel a bit of tingling behind my eyes, indicating that I might be able to fall back asleep sometime soon. That would be nice, considering the feline alarm clock will probably be going off in about three hours, and tomorrow (today!) is going to be a long day. (If you have to deal with me tomorrow (today!), my apologies.

Good night, Interwebs.