Ask the HiveMind: *NIX geek edition (covert-ops section headers)

[covert-ops] question mark (forest)Really, really long-time readers of this site may recall its first incarnation. It was very geeky, with a *NIX motif running through it. (You can view an Internet Wayback Machine snapshot of it here.) I am attempting to recreate this feel with the newly-returned site, and I need your help.

Clearly, some of the headings that I had before simply won’t work these days. I mean, who has a QuickCam any more? But, there are other sections I would like to add, and sometimes, the appropriate geeky header doesn’t immediately jump to mind, or I have too many ideas that seem equally valid. This is where you come in.

The first such request I make of you is this:

I have a couple of ideas as to craft-related sections I would like to add to the web site. I believe the obvious choice for this section is /usr/bin/make. I am happy to consider any other suggestions, but I’m pretty happy with /usr/bin/make. What I’m having problems with is what to call the pages that I plan to maintain of projects that are in the queue, and projects that I have completed. My gut tells me that /var/spool/ will play a role in this, but I’m not quite sure how to implement it. Or should it be /sbin/cbq? Or continue with the make motif, and have /usr/bin/make -c? And I suppose there’s always the fibre channel option: /dev/fcd

Ideally, there’s be an inbound queue (projects I’m planning on working on) and an outbound queue (projects I’ve completed).

Thoughts? (Also, if anyone has any leads on good project-centric plugins for WordPress, that wouldn’t suck.)


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