My sleep schedule is more broken than usual, at the moment.

After getting about 90 minutes of sleep on Tuesday night, I managed to make it until about noon before my brain keeled over. I spent the rest of the day not-quite-resting, and finally managed to get some real sleep starting around 9PM last night.

It’s now 4AM, and I’ve been up for an hour. While I may have some thoughts about the differences between a 4AM wakeup and one that takes place at 5AM, I stand firm in my belief that 3AM is simply out of the question on the ‘reasonable time to wake up’ scale. It’s too late to take any additional sleeping aids, but is also too stupidly early to be awake.

So, I knit, and continue on my latest Netflix binge and work on getting to some things I was supposed to do yesterday before my brain went offline. I’m not sure how long I’ll last today, but hopefully it will be longer than yesterday.


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