Thursday, I don’t care about you…

Today, I anticipate more disruption to my finely-honed schedule for the week.

Now, normally, I would be joking about such a thing, having nothing resembling a schedule barring a couple of medical appointments. However, this week and next week are actually kind of frenetic for me. Which generally makes this whole tooth debacle to be an actual debacle for which I have no time.

And yet, here we are.

Today, I shall probably be trying to get in to see my dentist, as I have developed a lump in my jaw, and the right side of my face is warm, neither of which can be good things. There will likely be medicating. And, despite the well-reasoned wishes of some of my friends, I will be attempting to do at least some of the things I was supposed to be doing today, instead of simply plopping myself down on the couch and watching reruns as I drift in and out of a narcotics-induced sleep.

How about you? Please tell me you’re going to have a better day than I am, so that I may live vicariously through your good day.

And Wednesday, too.

Today’s agenda: YAMA in just about an hour, to see if my knee has built up any more fluid, and to find out what the fluid it did build up last time was all about. Then, the rest of the day is likely to be spent in playing ‘pain management for dummies who need a bone graft after having a PB&J’ with my friend and yours, Tylenol 3. This is going to wreak havoc on my productivity for the day, for which I really don’t have time.

*shakes fist*

What are you all up to today?

Monday, you can fall apart…

On the agenda for today, YAMA x2, both in Virginia. A lot of driving, and a lot of waiting. I shall be sure to bring along my knitting. (For the waiting, not the driving. I promise.)

What are you up to today?

A run of good days.

Let’s see. On the ‘good day’ front, I last updated on Thursday. I have had an unbroken streak of good days since then.


Another good day.

Despite the unintentionally early start, today’s turned out to be a pretty good day. The usual good things (knitting, geeking, some time with G, some time with the keetons), plus the added bonus of getting to spend the day with Jenn (and later, Jim).

But on the super special bonus front: the pain in my left knee is significantly improved. I can actually walk reasonably well, and even manage stairs. Standing up still sucks, but it’s all so much better than it was two days ago!

Wanna play a game of ‘Operation!’?

YAMA at 8 this morning. Today’s visit was to try to figure out why the hell my knees have decided that they are my enemy, and must do everything in their power to cause me pain.

Turns out, I had fluid built up in my left knee (and possibly my right, though the focus today was on my left knee)(hence the ‘Operation!’ reference in the subject). This was determined by a bunch of manual prodding, followed by a ultrasound, followed by a bunch (ok, 4) needles poking around in my knee. (The first needle was a *caine to numb the area, the second needle was to try to get the fluid, the third needle was brought in when the second needle was too short to reach the fluid (oh, that was mighty pleasant, lemme tell ya), and the fourth needle was a shot of cortisone.) The doctor managed to pull about 5ccs of fluid out of my knee to send off to be analyzed. And just in case I thought I was done on the needle front for today, I also got to get a blood draw.

So yeah, lots of needles. On the plus side, the pain in my left knee has already significantly decreased, though using it in any sort of leverage operation (stairs, standing up from a sitting position, etc.) still pretty much sucks.

Also, this may help both in figuring out what the hell is going on (for the short term), and also maybe shed some light on the long-term general brokenness of the meri, which would certainly be a good thing.

A clear sign that you might be meri…

If you can have the following conversation with your SO, you just might be a meri:

[meri] I’m going downstairs to wind yarn.

[G] Ok! Have fun. Don’t hurt yourself.

[meri] … (Thinking this is in reference to the painful knees.) It’s mostly a sitting operation.

[G] Don’t hurt yourself.


Having a knitting stupid day.

I’m attempting to knit a pattern (more on the whole block-atorium in a second), and I am completely unable to wrap my head around a key transition in the pattern. I admit that I’m test-knitting an as-yet-unpublished pattern, but I’m confident that the designer is quite talented, and she’s tried to help me through the transition in three different ways. It seems that I’m just not meant to knit this pattern.

In the past, there have been patterns that I’ve consistently screwed up on while trying to work it, but this is the first one I’ve encountered that I just couldn’t manage to knit at all, and it’s bumming me out.

About that whole, “I’m not supposed to be knitting because I’m supposed to be blocking” thing, well. Blocking requires standing and kneeling, neither of which have really been possible for the last couple of days, thanks to my latest malady: my knees are doing their best to not work. I never really realized how much one uses one’s knees, until every movement started to hurt.

The Case of the Disappearing meri

Warning: Very long. TL; DR included at end.

I was responding to a friend who has been tenaciously trying to get me out of the goddamned house and to have food and drink and see friends and whatnot. He’s even offered to brave the Beltway to come get me and – presumably – return me home. As I was trying to write up, for the nth time, why his attempt wouldn’t work, I realized that I probably owe a similar message to several people who I have not seen in [some large time span, ranging from several months to several years].


I am full of meh.

A rough night all around at … you know, I don’t think we’ve ever named this house. We should fix that. I suppose I could co-opt the name from the Centreville apartment, but that would 1) fail to make the distinction between separate locations, and 2) be rude, since it’s G’s house and all. Worth some thought.

Anyway, yeah. A rough night for me, and for G. And even (kind of) for the cats, as the humans kept getting up and down and thrashing around, all of which required investigation. I am incredibly tired, and yet unable to fall back asleep. So, instead, I shall whine to you, dear Internets. Aren’t you the lucky ones?

(Also, why the hell has my WordPress → LiveJournal plugin stopped working? Damnit.)