Ask LazyWeb: Where to sell books?

As careful readers may remember, G and I just went through and culled about half of our collective book collection. While most of the books have found new homes, I kept aside about 4 paper boxes worth of them with the eye to selling them.

Now, of course, the trick is to sell them. The question is: where? Back in the day, was the answer, but they seem to be part of eBay these days (not that that rules them out, just a data point). Amazon? Do you all think I’m crazy for selling books? (For those who think the latter, keep in mind a few things: 1) I’m unemployed. 2) I have a lot of free time. 3) I only kept books that I thought might have some specialty / specific markets. 4) I only kept books that were in new / like new condition.)


Ask LazyWeb: WordPress to Google+ integration?

Greetings, all,

I know there’s got to be a solution to my problem out there, and I know I have some WordPress geniuses reading this, so I figured I’d ask.

Whenever I post here on ESK, my posts are automatically posted to Facebook and LiveJournal. I would like to find something similar for Google+. (I’m still trying to get the hang of Google+, but it seems to be the platform of choice for some people I really like, so it’s probably worth the effort on my part.)

I have attempted to use WPGplus, without any luck. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve seen random posts seeming to indicate that this is possible, I’d say it wasn’t, since I don’t think Google has exposed that in the API.


Ask LazyWeb: Post Google-Reader world?

As you all know by now (because I’m always the last one to find out these things), Google Reader is going away. Now, I rarely use Reader directly, but all of the RSS clients I’ve used in the last couple of years have used Reader as their backends.

So now I ask you, dear Interwebs: What are you going to do after July 1st? How are you going to get your RSS fix? More importantly, how are you going to get your RSS fix across all of your devices without re-reading / re-marking articles?

My wishlist is pretty simple, I think: web interface, iDevice (iPhone, iPad) interface, ability to keep everything in sync.

It’s almost enough for me to want to set up my own RSS aggregator, which is just dumb. Save me from my own stupidity, please, and help me figure out a better solution.

Ask LazyWeb: Best (iOS) food-tracking app?

Hello, again! This time, I’m here looking for input on a food-tracking app for an iOS device (must run on iPhone, an iPad app would be nifty, but not required).

Have you used any of these? What did you love (or hate) about it? Save me the trials and tribulations you’ve experienced!

(And, to be clear, I’m looking for an app to log what I eat and drink. I do not need a LoJack™ for my groceries.)

Ask LazyWeb: Best jQuery reference?

Dear the smart people,

I’m getting ready to write a tool in a language or two that I’ve never used, and have been told that learning jQuery would be in my best interest. I’m looking for references / tutorials that even a meri can understand. What say you?


Ask LazyWeb: PayPal account types.

Anyone out there have a business PayPal account? If so, is there any easy way to see that? For instance, when I log in, under the “Welcome…,” it tells me I have a Premiere account. Is there anything like that with a Business account? If not, is there some other way to identify your account type?

(I’ve searched the PayPal web site, and Googled, but haven’t had much luck.)

(Also, don’t get me started on the ‘angry at PayPal’ front. I’ve been on hold for half an hour so far, and can recite their outgoing blurb, but haven’t heard an actual human yet.)

Ask LazyWeb: Google Authenticator Support

So, it turns out there are any number of things that support Google Authenticator and its spiffy Two-Factor authentication services. However, I can’t seem to find a page that lists them all, which is a shame. Help me track things down, will you?

What else?

Attention fiber (of the stringy variety) friends.

My ball winder and I are having something of a hate / hate relationship these days. I suspect that it’s actually the fault of my rather rickety, cheap, and old swift, but I can’t be sure. I’m pondering the necessity of replacing one or both items, and would like some input from the fiberati as to what their favorites are. So, speak up. Favorite yarn swift? Favorite ball winder? Other necessary accessories of the sort?

This is me, shaking my fist…

A while back, Amazon had all the Harry Potter movies on sale for 3.99 each (streaming delivery). That is to say, all the Harry Potter movies except Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. For some reason, that wasn’t part of the sale. Strange, but whatever. I picked up the rest of them, and had them all lurking on the TiVo until I finished reading all the books. Having done that a while ago, I finally got around to working my way through the movies. Well, I have just finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and so now I’m ready for the elusive HP7.1.

Except I can’t find it to rent anywhere. Not on Amazon, or Netflix (streaming), or RedBox, or iTunes. It seems I am required to acquire physical media in order to continue my visual journey. As someone who has actively been working not to add more items to the house, this annoys me.

Does anyone know what the deal is with this particular movie, and why it can’t be had via rental, when part 2 doesn’t seem to be a problem? The only thing that springs to mind is some piece of music got slipped in that wasn’t supposed to, and there’s now a kerfluffle about copyright and use rights.

More on crochet tank slipper awesomeness…

If you are interested in the crocheted tank slippers that I posted about last week, the creator’s Facebook page can be found here. Probably of more interest, the pattern (and apparently the occasional finished product) can be purchased at her etsy store, located here.

Note again that these slippers are crocheted, and not knitted. Keep that in mind whilst purchasing your pattern.

Many thanks to arr and ardaniel for the legwork.