PSA: All ORA eBooks & Video Training 50% through 2014.09.09

This will probably be of interest to many of you:

As the cute little critter below says, there’s a sale going on in O’Reilly land, so if there’s an eBook that you’ve been putting off getting (like maybe that organization book that I posted about a few days ago), now might be the time. Be sure to use discount code B2S4 at checkout, though clicking on the image should do that automatically. (Note: This discount does not apply to printed materials or print + eBook bundles.)


So tell me, what are you going to buy? (No. Really. I wanna know.)

Ask the HiveMind: What (books) should I be listening to?

Thanks to a backlog of reading, less time in the car, a credit sale, and returning three audiobooks (don’t ask), I find myself with 8 credits at, and a complete lack of inspiration as to how to use them.


Ask LazyWeb (Seattle Edition): Hair salon that does strange requests?

TL; DR: I’m looking for a hair salon in the Seattle area that will let me bring in my own hair dye.


Preparing for a new knitting project.

My dear friends at Cloverhill Yarn have chosen the next knit along (KAL) project: the Eden Prairie shawl. It will be my first foray into the world of intarsia, and I’m both excited and nervous. It’s a beautiful shawl, and I don’t want to mess it up!

I’ve ordered my wool for the shawl (using up the rest of my Christmas present from Jer and Shamala), and am pleased with the color choices (at least, with the way they look online). Here’s the lineup:

All Madeline Tosh Merino Light. From left to right, they are:

  • Dirty Panther (borders)
  • Tern (diagonal panels)
  • Mica (diagonal panels)
  • Robin Red Breast (central diamonds)

Very meri colors, no?

Until this yarn shows up, I still have work to do on the Maple Leaf shawl (2 more corners, all the loose ends, and blocking to go) and the Simple Shawl for Fancy Yarns (almost done with one ball (of two)). I also still have to block and ship Missy’s cowl, Jakob’s present, and Ash’s present.

Never a dull moment!

PSA: Fabulous yarn on sale.

A beautiful yarn is on sale today. If I had the funds, I’d be purchasing enough of this in Slate and Cherry to knit up a Dijon. Perhaps someone else can benefit from the sale, though. 🙂

This is pertinent to your interests, Benedict Cumberbatch edition.

If you’re interested in Mr. Cumberbatch, I found a series that he did back in 2008 called “The Last Enemy” (link leads to IMDB page). It’s about a brilliant mathematician (Cumberbatch) who has been living in China for the last several years, and returns to the UK only to attend his brother’s funeral. Upon arrival, he discovers a London that has been vastly changed by a bombing of a tube station, resulting in greater police / military presence and a decline in anything resembling personal privacy.

He also falls for a woman, loses a corpse that was in his apartment, gets a new job, and gets into various kinds of trouble. And I’ve only watched the first (of five) episodes. It’s kind of erratic, and I’m not sure they’re going to be able to pull off the premise in 7.5 hours (each episode is 90 minutes long), but I’m willing to give it a shot. Besides, you get to see our hero’s naked bum, and in a pair of plain white boxer shorts. I can’t decide if this is more or less amusing than the Sherlock-in-a-sheet scene.

Anyway, for those with Amazon Prime, it’s available to stream for free. Of course, you could always buy the episodes to stream, or purchase the DVD.


PSA: Knee-high socks for people with big calves.

The big calves are not, of course, of the mooing variety. Rather, the calves that comprise the lower half of your legs.

Even when I was thin (Really. I was. I swear. There are people reading this who have only known me as a thin person, even!), my calves were mighty, and knee socks were a problem. However, I’ve had remarkable luck with the Sock It To Me brand of socks, which I buy from Amazon (because, hey, Prime eligible). [1] The knee-high socks actually fit over my calves. They are taut enough to stay up, but are not so tight that they hurt. The fabric is thicker than nylon trouser socks, but thinner than your average sock, which I like, because my feet tend to overheat. Overall, I’m really happy with them, and I am pleased to have found funky knee-high socks that I can actually wear.

We now return you to your regular broadcast.

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, if you buy socks using that link, I get a cut, but I don’t know anything about who bought things, or what they bought.

[PSA: Yarn freaks.] Oh. Oh dear.

This may be known to the world far and wide already, but I just discovered it, so I thought I’d share it with you.

The good folks at Ravelry now have a road trip planner. You put in your start point, your end point, and how far you’re willing to detour for yarn shops, and it will tell you all the shops it knows of that meet your parameters.

Now if only I was going on a road tri… hey wait! I am!

Oh dear.

Kindle feature request.

(Hey, the last thing I wished for with regard to the Kindle came true, so who knows?)

I’m on something like my 4th Kindle. Nothing’s been wrong with any of them. I just somehow keep upgrading. *waves hands* That’s not the point.

The point is, I am really really tired of having to re-download all of my content to my device every time I upgrade. I have over 1,000 Kindle titles. I do not want to have to individually download all of these things every time I switch devices. Can someone poke Jeff Bezos and ask him to make a bulk action tool on the “Manage Your Kindle” page?


Ask Lazyweb: Laser Printer Manila Folders

At one point, long long ago, I had these awesome file folders. They came in two parts, with an adhesive strip. They were 11 pt cardstock (standard manila folders). The gimmick was that you could feed one half through your laser printer, coming up with custom folders (I used them to create a form on the inside of the folders), and then adhere this newly-created sheet to the back half of the folder, and you’d have a nifty unique manila folder.

I cannot for the life of me remember who made them, nor has my Google/Amazon-fu turned up anything useful.

Does anyone remember these? Did I hallucinate the whole thing? Anyone with better Google-fu want to give it a shot?

(Still not king.)