Monthly Archive: June 2013

gmail has a new trick.

Logging in to gmail this morning, I noticed something that hadn’t caught my attention before. I had a shipment notification from Amazon, and it looked like this:

gmail: package tracking


Complete with a little “track package” link, which did the right thing. Nifty.

Getting down to the wire. (Google Reader)

Ok, I know that I’ve posted about this before, but now that July 1st is looming on the horizon, I figured maybe some of you have already made the leap elsewhere and might want to share what you’ve chosen as your Google Reader replacement.

So, speak up! Guide me! Save me from creating a dozen accounts and trying out different services. 🙂

Itty Bitty Xes.

I’ve always been a crafty chick, going back to childhood. Over the years, I’ve been engrossed in any number of different crafts. Until knitting took over my brain, I was really in to cross-stitch. Really in to cross-stitch.

Since I’ve had a couple of knitting disappointments over the last few months, I’ve decided that I need to rediversify my crafty time. Thanks to G (flooring) and Jenn (stitching stand), I have an awesome setup for returning to cross stitch. I figured I’d start with a simple project, since I already have a horribly complex one that’s been going for years now. Apparently, my idea of simple is all sorts of skewed, as I ended up with this kit. (more…)

Happy National Strawberry Shortcake Day!

I wonder (though not enough to go look it up myself) if they refer to the dessert or the cartoon character.

Some other items of note today:

Today's Holidays


The US Army is 238 years old, and it is Flag Day.

However, I keep reading “World Blood Donor Day” as “Wild Blood Donor Day” and getting kind of weirded out.

Attempting to recreate a long-lost mixed tape.

I posted this on Facebook this other day:


And the rest of the day was good, too.

Jenn and I did, in fact, spend the rest of the day relaxing with a vengeance. We watched a couple of movies, geeked, and crafted. Eventually we (and Jim) went out for a very tasty dinner at Akira Sushi in Ashburn, and then went wandering the beer aisle at Wegmans, searching for Crabbie’s Ginger Beer and dessert. Returning home, there was television, and dessert, and incredibly tasty ginger beer before sleep.

At 4:45 this morning, I was suddenly very awake, for no good reason. So, I drove home (getting stuck in a traffic jam on the inner loop courtesy of a jack-knifed tractor-trailer).

Now, listening to my beloved audiobooks, and stitching and geeking. (Thanks to my wonderful boy, my new setup in my basement lets me switch between stitching and geeking by simply swiveling my chair.) Today promises to be busy, but in a good way. Hopefully, this run of good days will carry through the weekend. And who knows? Maybe even into the week beyond!

Switching between stitching and geeking requires only a swivel of the chair.

Switching between stitching and geeking requires only a swivel of the chair.

Not a bad way to spend (part of) a day.

I’ve made my way down to Virginia, and have gone with Jenn to get our nails done, and then went and had lunch with a friend and former co-worker who we haven’t seen in far too long. (Hi, gnat!)

Now we’re back at Jenn’s house, and preparing for a hard afternoon of relaxation.

Signs I’m getting old: Part n+1.

I’m having to take off my glasses for up close work. Which means that, when I’m stitching or working on any sort of detailed charting, I’m switching back and forth between having glasses and not, a lot.

Even though my knee is better (*knock on wood*), I still think I need a cane.

Ask OS X typography geeks: Best font manager?

For a wide variety of reasons, I am starting to have need to be able to bulk install / activate and deactivate / remove fonts from my system. I’d like to be able to do this by project. (I’m working on Project $FOO, I need to make sure the fonts are installed. I’m no longer working on Project $BAR. I should remove the fonts.)

I haven’t used a font manager in 15 years, and I’m sure the field has drastically changed in that time. Any of you have any recommendations?