Yearly Archive: 2013

I need your opinion. (Knitting, yarn, surprise!)

I’m setting myself up to use the wonderful gift certificates I got to Jimmy Beans Wool and Fire Mountain Gems. Why those two, in particular? Because I’m going to knit me a Shipwreck, and it calls for 1,311 yards of wool, and 5,000 beads.

Here’s where your opinion comes in.  (more…)

PSA: Knee-high socks for people with big calves.

The big calves are not, of course, of the mooing variety. Rather, the calves that comprise the lower half of your legs.

Even when I was thin (Really. I was. I swear. There are people reading this who have only known me as a thin person, even!), my calves were mighty, and knee socks were a problem. However, I’ve had remarkable luck with the Sock It To Me brand of socks, which I buy from Amazon (because, hey, Prime eligible). [1] The knee-high socks actually fit over my calves. They are taut enough to stay up, but are not so tight that they hurt. The fabric is thicker than nylon trouser socks, but thinner than your average sock, which I like, because my feet tend to overheat. Overall, I’m really happy with them, and I am pleased to have found funky knee-high socks that I can actually wear.

We now return you to your regular broadcast.

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, if you buy socks using that link, I get a cut, but I don’t know anything about who bought things, or what they bought.

Time is running out.

Well, there are just under 12 hours left in 2013. I’m looking around (both physically and mentally) and trying to figure out what I can wrap up in that time, to say it was accomplished in this year. Based upon my level of spoons, there’s not much in the way of cleaning that can happen, so it’s going to have to be somewhat more sedentary tasks.

I finished writing my thank you cards, and a birthday card to my mother. I even went so far as to find some stamps and put said cards in the mail box. (For those of you who write physical mailings, you’ll know that this is, by far, the most difficult step.) (Crap. I just realized I forgot to put the flag up on the mailbox. Be right back.)

Ok. Where was I? Oh, right. Stuff I can finish this year.

  • I could upgrade my laptop to Mavericks, but that seems a bit like tempting fate.
  • There’s a book or two I could finish. I was hoping for something a little more active.
  • If I knit madly for most of the rest of the day, I could finish Missy’s cowl. Could happen, but my hands kind of ache at the thought of it.
  • I could finish my Hitchhiker shawl. I mean, the knitting is already done. I just have to weave in loose ends, soak it, and block it. That might actually happen.
  • I could finish my Clara cardigan. It’s almost done. The knitting is done, and one half of the seaming is done. But, I think that, without peer pressure or mocking, it’s unlikely to happen. (I really hate seaming. Another reason I’m really looking forward to Harvest, the next knit-along.)
  • I could destash my yarn. This is… highly unlikely. But it could happen, in some universe.
  • I could clean off my desk. Tee hee hee. I’m such a cut-up.

Suggestions? Do you have anything that you’re trying to wrap up this year, just to check that checkbox?

Ask D&D Geeks: Pronunciation

No, really, very geeky.

The word ‘drow’ (as in the dark elves (hey, I said this was geeky)): how do you pronounce it? Rhymes with ‘now’ or rhymes with ‘know’?

(I’m listening to the ‘Homeland’ audiobook, and I’m discovering that the way I’ve pronounced many words in my head over the years does not match the apparent official line.)

Decisions, decisions.

I have a problem. I’m really bad at making decisions. For a while, it was to the point where I couldn’t go to the grocery store, because AGH CHOICES HELP! It hasn’t been that bad in a while, but I do still find myself choosing not to eat rather than having to decide what to eat, because it’s easier.

So now, my dear Cloverhill Yarn has picked it’s next Knit-Along project, and it is a beautiful cardigan that comes in meri sizes. It’s name is Harvest, and the pattern is free. (Free, I say!) (more…)

Ask LazyWeb: An Emily Post question with regard to Christmas cards.

Does one send thank you cards for Christmas cards? Part of my brain says, “No. Just add the sender to your Christmas card list for next year.” Another part of my brain (I suspect the Japanese ‘we can give this plate back and forth to each other until the end of time’ part) is horrified at the idea of receiving something and not sending something in return.

What sayeth the hive mind?

I have a new shawl to obsess about, and a project update.

Updating the project list from my last post, the only project I’ve actually completed is the Helix scarf. I’m hoping to finish Celestarium today. (Really, it’s just loose ends. I have no idea why I haven’t finished it yet.) And, I forgot to include the Peter Easy vest that I’m knitting for Shamamama. (That one has both the front and back pieces done. I just need to sew them together, and do the arm holes and neck.) (more…)

Knitting Checklist

I have too many knitting projects going on right this moment. I really need to reign them in, somehow.


PSA: Time is running out to be a World Book Night giver!

World Book Night is a strange and wonderful thing. Every year, a bunch of people sign up to give out 20 copies of a book to a bunch of people they’ve never met. I did this last year, and it was a blast. I lucked out. The list of potential books we could choose from included “The Phantom Tollbooth” and “Good Omens.” I gave out 20 copies of the latter. (How can you go wrong giving out Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett?)


Bainbridge Island Help

I’m thinking of taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island on Monday. I love the water, and I love ferries, and there’s a lovely-looking yarn / tea shop on the Island. I would like to take the ferry out, and then drive back (two totally different views, from what I understand). Is this a sane thing to do? Also, is there reasonable parking on Bainbridge Island?