Maryland Sheep and Wool is a (very probable) go.

I am making preparations to try to tackle Maryland Sheep and Wool tomorrow morning.

  • I’m doing laundry so I have very light, airy clothing.
  • I’ve found and rinsed my hydration pack.
  • I’ve made sure that my comfiest light weight shoes are available.
  • I’m winding more yarn for my current knitting project in case I end up needing to camp in my car to recover for a while, and stashing it in the separate knitting bag that will stay in my car against this need.
  • I’m putting the essentials in my pack (wallet (with only the cash I’m allowed to spend, and one “OMG, the car is on fire” emergency credit card), bandana, medications, witch hazel towelettes (they help a lot in keeping cool), protein bar, an apple).
  • I’ve made sure that my handicap placard is in the car.

Other than running out and buying a cane (and, really, there’s a shortage of places to get a sword cane at 7PM on a Friday night), and getting a good night’s sleep, I think that I’m doing everything I can to promote success. So, unless I wake up in the morning just feeling like crap, I’m going to give this a shot.

(My knee, while not feeling as good as it did yesterday, still feels a hell of a lot better than it did two days ago, so I’m hoping that the whole being able to walk thing will stick around for at least one more day.)

Thank you for the encouragement! I will do my best to not die. 🙂


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