Daily Archive: 2013.05.02

Ask LazyWeb: Another InDesign question for you all.

Since you were all so incredibly helpful with the first InDesign question (no, seriously, you were), I thought I’d try again.

I may have need to convert a bunch of QuarkXPress files to InDesign. I know that InDesign itself can mostly handle import, but I want the best possible conversion, since it’s gonna be my job to make sure the InDesign output matches the XPress source exactly.

Have any of you ever played with any of the conversion tools? In particular, I’m thinking of Q2ID for CS6. But, if any of you have any better ideas (or cheaper ideas!), I’m all years.

This is not a post about politics.

[This post pertains almost exclusively to Facebook.]

[Also: This is not a post about politics. This is a post about human behavior, and language, and my hurting head.]

It’s kind of amazing how much of my ‘news’ feed is going by unread (thank you SocialFixer), simply because of the vitriol used by the people making the posts. Yes, you are completely free to say whatever you want, in whatever language you want. I am completely free to mark your post as something that I don’t want to see, and let my software take care of the rest.

I guess I don’t understand the motivations of these people. (And, trust me, the people in question here includes the full spectrum of liberal to conservative to weapons rights (or wrongs) to religion to reproductive rights to … just about anything a person can feel passionate about, really.) It’s clear that the people in question have no intention of actually trying to change someone’s mind, or they would use language conducive to that outcome. So, are they really just preaching to the choir, and hoping that the simple levels of noise pollution will get others to pay attention?

Because that’s what it is. Noise pollution. It’s clear that the system is on, but any signal is rapidly getting lost in the noise.

I’m all for rational debate. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one on Facebook. (I was about to say “the internet” but would have been lying. I’ve been on the internet for a long time, and there used to be actual discourse out there.)

Finally, if this post makes you want to remove me as a friend, then, well, it’s probably for the best. If it drives you to tell me how wrong and pigheaded and close-minded I am, then it may compel me to learn how to remove you as a friend, because my friends simply don’t behave that way.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled $SOCIAL_MEDIA_PLATFORM.