Pushing (Walking?) My Luck

As you may or may not know, I was supposed to be having knee surgery today (originally, though I rescheduled it to next week). There are, it seems, a couple of foreign bodies floating around in my left knee (which is just weird). It’s theorized that they might be the source of the pain that I’ve been experiencing for the last several months, and so the plan was for an orthopedic surgeon to go in and remove them.

However, at the appointment where it was deemed that I should have the surgery, the doctor also drained a half dozen ccs of fluid off of my knee, and gave me a shot of cortisone. I’d had both of these things done before, but the cortisone wore off very quickly. However, it’s now been almost a month, and I’m actually moving around without pain in my knee. The surgeon told me this might happen, and that if it did, I could call and cancel the surgery. We could always reschedule it if (when) the pain returns.

After some deliberation over the weekend, and talking it over with G, I called the surgeon’s office this morning and cancelled the surgery. I’m fairly certain that the cortisone’s effectiveness will wear off, and that I’ll be right back where I was a month ago, but for the moment I’m enjoying being able to move without pain. Surgery may be inevitable, but I know that the aftermath of surgery would also involve pain and immobility and inconvenience, and if I can put that off for a while, I’m going to.

I figure that, with my luck, since I’ve cancelled the surgery, and my pre-op authorizations are about to expire, my knee pain is going to return any day now. 🙂

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