I am starting to think this second sleeve is cursed.

After the “cuff too long” debacle, I ripped out the second sleeve and started over. I very carefully did not overshoot the length on the cuff this time, and switched to stockinette stitch, as required by the pattern.

This time, I was only 2″ past this point when I realized my mistake: I forgot to switch needle sizes (also as required by the pattern).

At least it’s tinking, and not frogging, I guess.

Well, crap.

About 7″ into the second sleeve, I decided to check the cuff length against the first sleeve. (You know, something I should have done with the while I was knitting it.) Turns out, I knit 10 extra rows on the cuff of the second sleeve. There is much sighing and frogging taking place. Because this is going to help the second-sleeve syndrome.

In other news…

I have auto-earwormed myself with, “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am.”

Second verse, same as the first.

After several hours of unsuccessfully attempting sleep, I now sit in the family room. My spot on the couch. Knitting. Laptop. Fireplace. Buffy and/or Angel. Dragons. A cat or two. The usual.

This is getting very tiresome. (See what I did there?) I have things I need to do tomorrow today, reasons I need to be functional. I’m guessing that ‘not sleeping’ is not a stop on the road for success.

On a related note, do I have any artistically inclined friends out there? I see a great need for a ‘Hello Insomnia’ (a la Kitty).

Calling all knitters: Help me figure out where I went wrong.

20141201-hitofudeSo, as you may remember, I’ve been working on the Hitofude cardigan. Things were tooling along, and, on Sunday, I got to the second and third tricky bits: Undoing the provisional cast-ons (2), and performing three-needle bind-offs for the sleeves. (The first tricky bit was the provisional cast-ons themselves.)

So, yeah. Finished the sleeves, and read the part of the pattern where it says how many stitches I should have: 290.  (more…)

PSA: Beware Audible mobile app version 2.2 on iOS!

20140918-audibleIf you use an iPhone, you probably found that you had an unusually large number of app updates available to you yesterday. This is because a new version of Apple’s iOS was released, and developers released new iOS 8-compatible versions of their apps.


RIP GrowlVoice. You shall be missed.

I’ve used a little menu bar app called GrowlVoice for a very long time. It let me send/receive SMS messages and phone calls from my computer, without having to have an app open in the dock, and was generally very handy. However, it seems that there was a recent change in the GrowlVoice setup, and the app has stopped working for me (it appears to still be working for some others). It throws a JSON error at startup, and just… sits there, lost and forlorn. The little bit of information that I’ve been able to glean from the Interwebs indicates that the developer is no longer going to be supporting the app.

Well, crap.

I’ve installed Google Voice for Chrome, but… the app won’t acknowledge that I already have a Google Voice account. I suspect that this has something to do with the fact that I’m logged in with two Google accounts in Chrome. I’ve tried logging out of both accounts, and then only logging in with the one that’s actually associated with Google Voice, but no luck. I just keep getting the little “The Chrome extension only works with Google Voice accounts that use a Google Voice number or use voicemail,” popup, along with a link to get a Google Voice number. Of course, when I click on the link, it loads my Google Voice account. Grrr.

Once, just once, Google Voice for Chrome notified me of an incoming SMS. “Huzzah!” thought I, thinking that maybe the magical world of conflicting cookies had worked themselves out. And they had… kinda. It seems the extension is now in “Client Only” mode, and cannot initiate anything (such as responding to an SMS, or making a phone call), just receive. It’s taunting me!


So now I’m trying VoiceMac by someone who calls himself Mr. Gecko. It’s … functional, but not nearly as polished as either GrowlVoice was or (from what I’ve seen of G’s install) Google Voice for Chrome is.

Anyone else have any suggestions for an app to replace GrowlVoice? Or hints on how to get the Google Voice for Chrome extension to work reasonably?

Dear LazyWeb: Why does my (i)phone hate me?

It’s true. My phone has definitely developed an attitude since installing iOS 7. However, the greatest trouble I’m having of late is that I am unable to install anything from the App Store. Since this is, you know, the easiest way to get new things onto my phone, I’m kind of displeased.

I go to the App Store, and find something I want to buy. I press the little icon with the price, which then converts to “Buy.” I then press the “Buy” button. In the past, this has usually changed the little button into a swirling circle thing, then after a few seconds, I’ll get a password prompt. Once I enter my password correctly, the swirling circle thing starts to fill in, showing installation progress. At least, that’s how it *used* to work.

Now, I press the “Buy” button, and get the swirling circle thing and… that’s it. No password prompt, no filling circle, nothing. It just sits there, forever. (Or until the screen locks, but it’s in the same state once I unlock the screen.) (Or until I press the home button.)

I’ve done a couple of quick searches, and they mostly lead me to people who can’t type their password. I never even get that far.

This is on an iPhone 4S. Yes, I’ve rebooted the phone. No, I haven’t tried completely wiping it. I was hoping to avoid that.

Any thoughts?

This morning’s annoyance.

I have this Excel spreadsheet. Believe it or not, that is not, in and of itself, the annoyance.

I have data in columns A & B, and column C consists of this formula:

=if(countblank($a2:$b2)=0,concatenate($b2, ", §", $a2), "")

This works perfectly, with one small exception: the formatting in cell $b2 (partial italics) is lost in the concatenation. Since I have a few hundred rows to deal with, hand-formatting (again, since I originally hand-formatted $b2 to begin with) is really annoying.

Yes, I know that Excel isn’t a word processor, and that formatting is for word processors. But, damnit, this should work.

Monday Morning Blues

(Cue Breathe earworm. For the three people out there who know the song.)

I’ve been feeling kind of melancholy for the past few days. I’m not entirely sure why. Things are actually going pretty well for me right now. I’m busy, my health is as good as it’s been in the past couple of years, I have no great stressors in my life. And yet, I’m feeling down.

What are the best ways you know of to fight general feelings of sadness and / or discontentedness? (Please don’t tell me to go take a walk. It’s DC in the summer. For me, that way lies death.)