Calling all knitters: Help me figure out where I went wrong.

20141201-hitofudeSo, as you may remember, I’ve been working on the Hitofude cardigan. Things were tooling along, and, on Sunday, I got to the second and third tricky bits: Undoing the provisional cast-ons (2), and performing three-needle bind-offs for the sleeves. (The first tricky bit was the provisional cast-ons themselves.)

So, yeah. Finished the sleeves, and read the part of the pattern where it says how many stitches I should have: 290. 

And then… well… here’s what I posted to the Ravelry comments for the pattern:

I’m hoping that someone will be able to lend me a hand.

I’m knitting the XXL version of the hitofude cardigan, and am loving it. However, I’ve run into a problem, and it seems kind of insurmountable.

As directed, I started with 264 stitches on my needle. I worked through the pattern, using Chart A. I completed the three-needle bind-off for both sleeves, and I thought I was successfully following the directions. However, I am now at the line prior to “●1×1 RIB FOR SHOULDER AND WAIST (work in round),” where it tells you how many stitches you should have on your needles. According to the pattern, I should have 290 stitches on my needle.

Now, we’ve encountered projects where, at one point or another, you’re off by a few stitches, and you’re able to fudge around it. But, this time, I’m off by 100 stitches. Something has clearly gone wrong.

Does anyone have any idea how this might have happened? I’ve reread the directions over and over again, and tried to work out the math in my head. I can’t even work out how one would end up with 290 stitches from 264, much less how I ended up with 190.

Thoughts? Help?


That’s right. I’m 100 stitches off.

I’ve clearly done something wrong, and I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out.

If anyone is interested in taking a look at the pattern and try to figure out what I’ve done wrong, I’ll send you the pages of the pattern up until the point I screwed up. For the first person to figure out what I did wrong, I will purchase you your very own copy of the pattern.

Let me know if you’re interested in playing along. 


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