Monthly Archive: August 2013

Having taken a deep breath or two…

Ok, so I’m calmer now. Certainly calmer than I was yesterday. I had a very bad pain day yesterday, and PT was very hard, and  I could barely walk, and a little part of me snapped, resulting in that post.

This isn’t to say that all of what I wrote isn’t true. My outline of a ‘normal’ day was pretty spot-on. But, looking at my life a little bit more objectively today, it’s not the whole truth. (more…)

This is not the normal I seek.

I’m having an annoying day, and needed to rant.  (more…)

Query of the day: Past tense of ‘troubleshoot’.

Not necessarily asking for the dictionary response, but rather what people actually use.

Neither ‘troubleshooted’ nor ‘troubleshot’ sound right, though ‘troubleshot’ sounds less wrong.

Ask LazyWeb: Calling all astronomy geeks.

TL;DR: Where can I find the colors of all the stars in various constellations?  (more…)

I really have no words for this.

If you’ve paid any attention at all to my posts, you know I’m something of a knitting nut. Really and truly. I freely acknowledge this. However, even I do not have the words for this: (more…)

PSA: A tribute to Evi Nemeth. (Washington, DC)

For those who didn’t receive this via email, there’s going to be a tribute to Evi Nemeth at this year’s USENIX Security Symposium in Washington, DC. Even those not registered for the conference are invited to attend the tribute.