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Grab Bag: Circadian what? Can’t sleep. Casting on. Introducing Legend.

While G was away, I discovered something somewhat perturbing: any concept I have of a regular schedule is driven almost exclusively by two things: G’s schedule, and Sprocket demanding to be fed at some point between 4:30 and 6:00 AM. As such, I’ve spent the last 10 days pretty much sleeping whenever I got tired, and waking up (generally) whenever my body could no longer handle being flat. Sadly, this little experiment did not produce any interesting results. The aches and pains are still going strong, I still managed to catch a cold, and I didn’t even manage to feel rested. (more…)

Finished Object: Flore Hat by Tina Whitmore for KnitWhits


This is the almost finished version of the hat. You can see that the dark blue points curl up, and the green cap doesn’t sit quite as flat as one would like.

The knitting and tacking down of points (yipe) and weaving in of (many) loose ends was actually done on Thursday. However, as you can see, it was still a bit unfinished, with the curling of the dark blue leaves and the popping up of the cap leaves. (The curling of the other leaves was handled by sewing down the points and peaks to each layer below. Yes, that was a lot of sewing.) But, since there’s no ‘layer below’ for the dark blue layer, that process wasn’t going to work. The instructions said to iron the hat, and I pondered that, but I also wanted the points and peaks of the green cap to lie more flat, so I went another route.