Ask the [Domain Registration] Hive Mind: Which registrar do you use?

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I have a cunning plan, and it involves registering a new domain name. My registrar of choice apparently lost ICANN accreditation a while back, so I’m registrar shopping. What registrar do you recommend (or use yourself) these days? And if you have the time, I’d love to know what makes them your choice.


PSA: {Knitting geeks} ∩ {Gardening geeks}

I couldn’t really be bothered to make an actual Venn Diagram, so set notation will have to suffice.

Anyway, I know that I have friends who knit. I know that I have friends who garden. I do not currently know how much overlap actually exists between these two sets of friends, but I figure there’s gotta be some, right?

For those (currently theoretical) friends who both knit and garden1, KnitPicks has a pattern that might be of interest to you. Go! Go get cozies for your plants!

PSA: For my knitting (and crocheting) peeps: Interweave / Knitting Daily $5 sale.

Really, the subject just about says it all, but in case you require more detail: Interweave Knits / Knitting Daily is having a “5-Star1 Products2 for $5″ sale. At the time of this writing, there are 32 items on sale for $5.

Free Tip #1

Be sure to check what format you’re actually getting things in! The sale includes eBooks; printed books (paperback and hardcover); magazines; VHS (!) and DVD content, downloadable video content, and I’m sure I’ve missed some other way things are being distributed. I adore the digital editions, but some people hate them. Some features I find alluring for the digital editions include, “not having to find a place to store another physical thing,” “not tripping on another physical thing for which I did not find a storage space,” “I can carry ALL THE BOOKS on my laptop,” and “not having to pay for shipping.” But, whatever floats your boat.

Free Tip #2

Before buying something about which you’re not certain, I recommend double-checking the item’s reviews elsewhere online (I used Amazon, but see above, re: your boat). In addition to some more reviews, you might be able to find additional (or even any, depending on the item) images of what’s inside the covers.


“Learn to sew” incentive, meri edition.

20150104-spoonflower_geek_pandaAs mentioned previously, I want to learn to sew at least as well as I knit. I’ve taken one class, where I made a tote bag, and I’m taking another class next weekend, where I will learn all about adding zippers to projects. G’s parents gave me an awesome sewing / embroidery machine for Christmas. I have acquired a few books with beginner projects and tips and tricks. And now, I have found fabric with which I really want to be able to make something awesome. But, I’m not allowed to buy it until I have enough skill to make something awesome. This should be good incentive!

MOX Boarding House, and I need to start using larger needles.

20150103-mox_boarding_houseMy new friend SR (who’s actually a phlebotomist at one of the medical offices I frequent) and I met up today. Our last outing was for coffee at the excellent SoulFood Coffee House in Redmond, so we decided to aim for lunch this time. As we are both gaming geeks – though of vastly different generations (SR was born a month after I graduated from high school; also: I am old) – we decided to check out the recently-opened Bellevue location of MOX Boarding House, a game store / pub / restaurant. (No. Really.) (more…)

[PSA] Doctor Who (Audiobook) Humble Bundle

[covert-ops] bullhorn

I assume that most of the people who would be interested in this are already aware of it, but just in case someone’s missed it, I thought I’d point out that there’s currently a Doctor Who Audiobook Humble Bundle going on. As of this writing, there’s about 5 and a half days left on the offer. It’s a pay-what-you-want bundle, though there are price points to unlock some content. (Currently $15 or more to get everything in the bundle.) (more…)

Ask the Knitters: Which yarn should I get?

20141229-sanquhar_cowlI posted about the Sanquhar Cowl by Wendy D. Johnson a while back. Even though I’ve been obsessing about it ever since, it hasn’t hit my needles yet, for two reasons. First, I’ve been working on other projects. Second, I haven’t had the available funds for the yarn. Well, progress is definitely being made on the existing projects, so the first reason may not be a factor any more. And, some wonderful friends gave me a gift card to WEBS for Christmas, so I may be able to afford a bit of a yarn shopping spree.

I’ve narrowed down the yarn options to three potentials, and now I’m stuck.

This is where you come in. (more…)

Yarn store loot!

Goodness. Yesterday was such a treat. Three yarn stores in two towns, and much yarn acquired. And, all while staying within budget! (It should be noted that my Japanese genes appear to have been overwhelmed by yarn awesomeness, and I completely failed to take any pictures of any of the stores, even though I specifically told myself to do just that when departing on the grand adventure. My apologies.)

The first stop was WEBS, where I picked up:

Then, we went to Northampton Wools, where Shama fell in love with baby alpaca, which led to the acquisition of 2 skeins of Classic Elite Yarns Villa in Periwinkle, which are already well on their way to being a pair of Simply Warm fingerless mitts. (Amusingly, while we were there, I saw a yarn that immediately pinged my, “Oooh! Colors!” receptors. Then I realized it was the chunky version of the sock weight Misty Alpaca in Pico that I’d been knitting for the past few days (and, in fact, had on the needles in my purse). At least I’m consistent.)

After a very yummy lunch at India Palace, we ventured on to Sheep and Shawl, a cute little store that specializes in consignment of all sorts of fiber-related products, including yarn, finished knitted and crocheted items, goats’ milk products, felted objects, and more. Here, I bought:

  • An adorable finished hat, because it looks incredibly cute on Shamala, and her birthday is next month. (I would have given it to her anyway, but this gave me a good excuse.)
  • A Lantern Moon cool sheep felt keychain pouch.
  • 1 skein of Manos Del Uruguay Fino in Inkwell. Again, this yarn has no specific project destiny yet, but at 490 yards, would make a fairly reasonably-sized shawl.

And that, my friends, is the sum of my adventures in yarn for yesterday.

Going on an adventure!

In a few minutes, the four of us (Jer, Shama, Shamamama, and I) will be leaving on a mini-adventure. We’re going to go to Northampton. My hosts are so kind, as the primary purpose of this visit is to allow me to visit WEBS. As you can imagine, I’m very excited!

There will also be food, candles, food, and other meanderings. And, once we get home, I suspect that we will be continuing our Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon. (Shama’s never seen it, and we’re doing our best to get her hooked. We watched the first season yesterday.)

I hope you all are well. And remember, there’s still time to let me know if you’re going to join us for sushi in Sudbury on Saturday night!