Daily Archive: 2013.01.06

Review: Lion Brand 1878 Yarn

If you’re a knitter (and really, if you’re reading this page, chances are good that you’re a knitter, or are just humoring me), chances are good that you know the anguish of balancing yardage and cost, especially when it comes to lace- or fingering-weight yarns. Lion Brand has come up with a fairly decent solution. Lion Brand 1878 Yarn provides you with 2,045 yards (!) of sock / fingering / baby weight yarn, for a very reasonable price. In my experience, 1878 provides great stitch definition, making it a great choice for lacework, and with the amazing yardage, you’ll probably be able to get through even the most complex shawl pattern without having to switch sources even once. The yarn is machine washable, but should not be machine dried. Hey, for about a penny a yard, you can’t have everything, right?

Available in a few colors from Amazon. (It’s even eligible for Prime, as of this writing!) A few more colors available from Lion Brand directly.